The Mikealson’s Awaken – ‘The Originals’ Recap: “Gather up the Killers”


The season 4 premiere of ‘The Originals’ jumped ahead in time. This season will be taking place 5 years after the fall of the Mikealson’s. After the original family fell from power Marcel took back his city and has resumed his title as King of New Orleans.

Marcel and his vampires co-exist with Vincent and his witch coven. There is peace among the quarter until a group of out of town vampires lead by Alistair Duquesne. Alistair wants to personally see Klaus is suffering and wants to make sure the rest of his family is actually dead.

Luckily for the Mikealson’s they still have a living ally in Hayley. Hayley is in the process of waking up the Mikealson’s in hopes of reuniting the family for her daughter Hope. She only needs one more ingredient; wolf venom from the 7th original wolf pack. Jack’s mom Mary brings news that there is only one member left of that pack. Hayley takes off with the Mikealson’s bodies in a truck in order to find this last remaining wolf. Mary stays behind to watch Hope.

Hayley finds this lone wolf in Austin, Texas. Her name is Keelin and Hayley wasn’t the only one hunting her. A pack of vampires also wanted to get their hands on the wolf in order to prevent Hayley from raising the dead. Hayley used Keelin’s venom along with the venom of the other 6 wolf packs to wake Freya. Freya then began working on waking up Elijah, Kol and Rebekah while Hayley fought of the vampire pack.

The only member of the Mikealson family that is awake is Klaus. After Alistair challenges Marcel, Marcel was forced to reach out to Klaus for help in regaining control of the quarter. Marcel then let’s Klaus know that he knows his siblings lives are tethered to his. He also informs Klaus about Alistair’s threat to kill Klaus’s daughter Hope. This forced Klaus to team up with Marcel.

Alistair gets his wish and sees Klaus chained up and beaten down. Marcel then gifts Alistair with a sword that is dipped in Marcel’s deadly venom; a venom that would slowly kill Klaus. He then gives Alistair permission to kill the eldest Mikealson. Alistair being the show boat that he is leans in and tells Klaus that he will stop at nothing to kill Klaus’s daughter. Klaus then used that moment to bite Alistair and stabs the rest of his crew with the sword.

Marcel then regains control of the original vampire and is able to regain control of the vampires in the French quarter. He informs his followers that he keeps Klaus around to have a cure for werewolf bites. Marcel is able to show his strength by teaming up with Klaus.

Elijah, Kol and Rebekah are finally awaken by Freya. Elijah reunites with Hayley and they kiss. Hayley and the rest of the Mikealson’s pack up and head to New Orleans to go rescue Klaus.

Hope on the other hand is in more danger than anyone knows. She is drawing the same circle symbols that are showing up all over the French quarter. Is she the one creating the symbols or is someone coming for her? What is she capable of? What sort of powers does she have?


The Mikealson’s come for Klaus

Elijah and Marcel face off

Camille returns (at least in ghost form or a figment of Klaus’s mind)


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