‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: “We’re Planning a June Wedding”


Wedding bells rang for Stefan and Caroline on the latest episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Although we did not see Katherine (only her silhouette), we were reunited with a few other familiar faces; Kelly Donovan and Vicki Donovan. Both Donovan’s were of course doing Katherine’s bidding.

While Caroline rushed to plan the wedding of her dreams, Stefan and Damon took a quick trip to the crypt and pulled out Katherine’s bones. They then gave the bones to Matt’s Dad (Peter Maxwell) and had him fuse the bones with metal to make a weapon that can kill the new Queen of Hell. After collecting the bones of their once beloved Katherine, Damon whipped out the bourbon and gave Stefan a mini-bachelor party. Unfortunately for Damon human Stef is a light weight so he continued the party with Caroline.

Damon and Caroline then toasted to Liz (Caroline’s Mom) and Damon gave Caroline her something borrowed. He gave her Elena’s necklace to wear on her wrist so that Elena would be right beside her when she married Stefan. Bonnie then gave Caroline something new; a beautiful headband. Unfortunately Katherine was the one to give Caroline something old; Caroline had assumed the necklace came from Stefan but it was in fact Katherine’s necklace.

Things really heated up after that. Damon, who officiated the wedding, completed the ceremony without a hitch. The real danger awaited Bonnie and the twins at the reception. Good ‘ole Kelly Donovan put a propane tank in the fire place where the girls and Bonnie were using the bathroom. This of course is after she stabbed her ex-husband in order to obtain the dagger that could kill Katherine. Fortunately the dagger was already in Stefan’s possession.

Caroline runs, for some reason not at vamp-speed, to save Bonnie and the girls but she is too late. The house blows but not all is lost. The twins siphon Bonnie’s magic and use it to put out the flames surrounding them. Unfortunately in order to do so Bonnie had to officially let Enzo go. For real this time. The twins are safe but not so sure about Bonnie. She collapsed to the floor with blood dripping from her nose. Did she just die?

The town itself may be in danger of dying via hell-fire if our heroes can’t stop Vicki Donovan from ringing the bell.


  • Stefan telling Damon that he hopes to see Damon and Elena walk down the aisle and see Damon get the human life he so desperately wants
  • All the wedding guests were compelled to be there
  • Bonnie walked Caroline down the aisle
  • Bonnie danced with Damon and Enzo at the reception (within the same moment)
  • Kelly died after a bad fall 2 years ago
  • Ric tells Caroline he just wants her to be happy
  • Enzo makes Bonnie promise to live her life before she lets him go


2 hour series finale: the 1st hour will consist of cast/crew discussions and memories. The 2nd hour will be the epic conclusion of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. We will relive the beginning and weep at the end.

Elena returns.

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