Damon and Stefan Take Down The Devil – ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: “It’s Been One Hell of a Ride”


In the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries Damon went from death to limbo (purgatory) back to Mystic Falls then back to death and then arrived in Hell but somehow managed to find his way back to Mystic Falls. It really was one hell of a ride for the elder Salvatore this week.

Damon’s mystical journey began when Kai killed him and took Elena (who is still in a casket) from him. Kai tried to make a deal with The Devil and made sure he had a contingency plan if all didn’t go well. He tried to trade Elena for his freedom but Cade wasn’t biting. Therefore, he offered up (most likely unwillingly as Cade is psychic) the fact that Damon was in possession of the dagger and ash that could kill Cade. This sent Cade down to purgatory to inform Damon of his findings and strike a deal: the dagger and ash in exchange for Elena.

Damon then enlisted the help of his brother Stefan who was just about to leave Mystic Falls for good. Stefan and Damon find Kai singing Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door at a karaoke bar. Thanks yelp! There Kai learns that Stefan is human and attempts to kill him. Before he does he offers up some interesting information. Turns out when you kill Cade (The Devil) Hell also disappears.

The two brothers gather Kai and the dagger and bring him back to the armory to hold him. This turns out to be a big mistake. Kai was able to siphon magic from within the armory’s walls and use that to break free.

Meanwhile, Stefan enlisted Ric to ring the bell and hurt Cade in order to have a shot at killing him. This is of course after he vervained Damon in order to kill Cade himself. Unfortunately Ric had to stop ringing the bell when he got a call from his daughters. Kai broke free and was looking for them in order to finally kill them. Thankfully Ric was able to trick Kai and fight him in order to protect his children. Caroline finished the job by snapping Kai’s neck.

Once again Kai managed to screw up the Salvatore brother’s plans. Cade was able to regain composure and decided to set Elena’s coffin on fire. He then attempted to force Damon to choose between his brother and the love of his life. Damon selflessly offered up himself and stabbed himself in the heart after Cade promised to leave Elena alone forever.

Bonnie arrived during the commotion after sensing Elena was in danger (they are still psychically connected). She discovered that Damon sacrificed himself and took it upon herself to get into a jedi-mind fight with Cade in order to protect Damon’s soul from being claimed by Cade. Cade proceeded to tell Bonnie that if she doesn’t let Damon go she will die because she isn’t strong enough to hide both Enzo and Damon from him. Damon begged Bonnie to let him go but she wasn’t having it. Luckily for both of them Stefan killed Cade and watched him go up in ashes, saving both Bonnie and his brother.

Damon then gave his brother some advice. He told Stefan that he is worth it and worthy of love no matter what he has done. That if even he can come close to redemption after everything he has done in his 150 years as a vampire then Stefan can too. Another beautiful Salvatore brother segment.

Alaric also shared some good news with Caroline. He decided to open up a school for Josie and Lizzie (the twins) and kids like them where they can learn and be in a loving and nurturing environment. He then went on to ask if Caroline would collaborate with him on the project. Now for those that don’t know this Alaric and the girls are heading to New Orleans and joining the cast of The Originals (The Vampire Diaries spinoff). Does this mean Caroline is headed to NOLA as well? Does this mean we will see Klaroline (Klaus + Caroline) come to fruition?!?!?!?!?!

Stefan interrupted her answer/thinking about Alaric’s offer by offering up one of his own. He asked Caroline to marry him once again and she obviously said yes.

Apparently we weren’t finished with Kai in this episode. Bonnie exacted her revenge on the evil siphon by trapping him in his worst fear; a prison world where he is completely by himself and Two Princes by The Spin Doctors plays on loop. Trying to buy his way out of the situation he is in, he informs Bonnie that they now have a bigger problem on their hands. Hell didn’t actually disappear like Kai said. It is still very intact and being run by none other than the Queen B herself KATHERINE! Boy oh boy are they in for some major trouble in the final two episodes of the series.


A wedding for Caroline and Stefan is thrown in hopes of getting Katherine to emerge.


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