Captain Hunter Returns – ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: “Land of the Lost”

Captain Hunter

After capturing and detaining Captain Hunter on the timeship The Legends headed off to find the last piece of the spear of destiny currently in possession of Commander Steel. Unfortunately for the team their trip was halted before they could launch as Captain Hunter initiated an override on Gideon and took control of The Waverider.

Rip set off the self-destruct (spaniel broad tricycle) mode, successfully blew up the medallion and attempted to jump ship but was caught before he could escape. However, Jax had to completely shut down the ship in order to reboot its system and stop it from self destructing. This caused the ship to lose control and crash land into the cretaceous period. During the crash the delineator was lost which sent Ray, Amaya and Nate on a mission through prehistoric times to find it while Sarah and Jax went on a tour of Rip’s mind.

Using cognitive intrusion Sarah and Jax enter Rip’s subconscious. Once inside Jax and Sarah are attacked by evil versions of themselves and the other Legends. Evil Ray destroyed Sarah’s escape route during an attack and captured her. They then threw her into the brig and that is where she found Rip huddled in a corner. Rip thinking it was evil Sarah sent her flying into the wall using his mind. He doesn’t realize he has control of his subconscious yet.

Luckily Gideon, now in human form, was able to convince him otherwise. Gideon, Sarah and Jax take Rip to the parlor to try and jog his memory. He slowly begins to remember who he is. In the parlor they were once again greeted by the evil versions of themselves. As Sarah and Jax begin to lose their battle against the evil Legends, Gideon convinces Rip that he is in control here. Captain Hunter uses this new found confidence and is able to eliminate all evil versions of The Legends.

Jax and Sarah escape Rip’s subconscious as does Captain Hunter. But before he leaves he thanks Gideon for always being there for him and the two kiss. Once he let her go he woke up.

Captain Hunter

Back in prehistoric times Ray, Nate and Amaya are greeted by Gertrude the T-Rex. Ray stole one of her eggs when he was living there and she wasn’t happy with his return. Luckily Amaya used her powers to talk some sense into Gertrude and the team was able to recover the delineator.

Upon their return to The Waverider they are greeted by Captain Hunter. The reunited team then set off on a mission to gather the last piece of the spear. Unfortunately it looks like Eobart Thawne (Reverse Flash) beat them to it. Thawne is already in 1970 at Nasa Operations.


  • Nate and Amaya decide to give their relationship the good ‘ole college try
  • Ray warns Nate not to steer Amaya off her path otherwise her Granddaughter may not become Vixen and save countless lives
  • Mick tells Martin to start treating Jax like a partner and less like a kid. He agrees to do so and tells Jax that he will start treating him more like an equal.


The Apollo 13 needs to be intercepted before it lands. Is this where the final fragment of the spear lies?


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