Grodd Returns – ‘The Flash’ Recap: “Attack on Gorilla City”


This week’s episode of ‘The Flash’ was centered on Grodd and Gorilla City. The episode kicked off with Earth 2 Harrison Wells being chased by Grodd. Harrison and 10 crew members (who are now all dead) went out on an expedition to Gorilla City after Wells received a message from the gorilla’s asking to meet him. Gorilla City’s occupants are all telepathic gorillas like Grodd.

The team, including Julian, packs up and heads to Gorilla City to save Wells. Wally and Jessie stay behind to look after Central City while they are gone. Minutes after the team arrives through Cisco’s breach they are trapped and tranquilized by Grodd. The tranquilizer had the ability to dampen both Barry and Cisco’s powers. Grodd then uses Wells to speak to the team. He tells The Flash that he needs his help. That the gorilla king Solovar is forcing him to do this and that he wants to unleash an attack on Central City. Grodd tells Barry he needs to kill Solovar in the arena. Then he will be able to take his place and keep the gorillas in Gorilla City.

Barry agrees to fight Solovar but only him. He makes a deal with him; if he defeats Solovar then his friends go free, if not well then they all die. Solovar agrees and they begin their battle. In battle Solovar uses Barry’s abilities against him thus forcing Barry to pull a page out of Reverse Flash’s playbook. Using a phase punch he is able to knock down Solovar but refuses to kill him. He wants to prove to the gorillas that not all humans are evil and out to hurt them. Unfortunately it falls upon deaf ears and Barry is once again tranquilized.

Grodd becomes the ruler of Gorilla City and we learn that everything that happened was a part of his plan. He needs Cisco to open a breach to Central City for them. Cisco says he would rather die than do that. He tells Caitlin to kill him but Julian won’t let her do that. Harrison finally comes to and the team comes up with a plan to kill Barry, temporarily. Caitlin freezes Barry and makes Grodd believe that he is dead. Grodd then pulls Barry out of his cell and leaves. Barry unfreezes himself by vibrating and unlocks the rest of the team. They make a run for it and are able to escape via Cisco’s breach.

Back on Earth 1, Wally and Jessie had been having issues of their own. Wally hasn’t really kept in touch since he got his powers and Jessie is afraid that he is now complete and doesn’t need her. However, Wally tells Jessie that he’s not complete without her and finally gets her to agree to move to Earth 1 and be with him.

When Julian and Caitlin return to STAR Labs Julian comes clean about only coming on the trip to Gorilla City to protect her. Caitlin thinks it’s sweet but tells him to be afraid of her. She doesn’t want to hurt him and wants him to keep his distance. He agrees to “fear” her but only if she will join him at dinner. These two are adorable! #snowbert

Back in Gorilla City Grodd initiates his backup plan. He has Gypsy open a breach to Central City. Girl, why are you helping him?

Next Week:

Grodd and his army of gorillas invade Central City

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