‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: “Camelot/Detroit 3000”


This week The Legends (and Rip) took us to both the past and the future in hopes of securing fragments of the spear of destiny. We got to see Camelot and Detroit in the year 3000.

Detroit 3000:

Rip finds Dr. Midnight in Detroit and kills him for his fragment of the spear. The Legends arrive shortly after and discover a brutally murdered Dr. Midnight with the word “Rip” spelled out in his blood.


Back on the timeship Gideon tracked down another fragment of the spear. It’s in Camelot. The team heads to Medieval England while Martin studies the nuero-gadget he stole from Dr. Midnight’s lab. Martin chooses Mick to be his test subject in trying to figure out how to control the device Dr. Midnight created.

Medieval England:

The Legends make it to Camelot and are greeted by Guinevere. Her and her men escort them back to the kingdom to meet King Arthur. There the Legends also meet Merlin aka Star Girl from the JSA. Star Girl tells the team that the last mission the JSA was sent on was with Rip. He gave three of them a fragment of the spear, keeping one for himself, and scattered the three JSA members throughout time. Star Girl stored her fragment in something having to do with the Knights of the Round Table but won’t let Amaya know exactly where it is because it is her duty, and hers alone, to protect it.

The Legends finally meet King Arthur but not under the circumstances they were hoping for. Arthur has been captured by Darhk and Rip. Rip who also stole some of Dr.  Midnight’s technology is mind controlling Arthur. Darhk tells them they have until sundown to choose; either they surrender Camelot or give up the spear of destiny.

Rip then makes Arthur murder Sir Galahad forcing Guinevere to become the leader of the Knights of the Round Table.

Star Girl is then forced to give up the location of the spear of destiny. It is inside Excalibur. Star Girl tells Amaya it is now her duty to protect the spear as Star Girl will be remaining in Camelot; she is in love with King Arthur and has made a home for herself as Amaya has with The Legends.

Ray also chooses to stay in Camelot even when Nate tells him he will die there. The battle for Camelot begins.


The Legends return to the timeship without Ray and Mick says he won’t abandon him. The rest of the team agrees and Sarah, Amaya and Nate go back for Ray while Jax, Mick and Martin work on the mind control device. Jax, Mick and Martin figure out that Mick can control the device because of his intensity and deeply scarred childhood. The device is not able to be overpowered by Martin’s powerful mind.

Mick unleashes his trauma upon King Arthur and his army and breaks their mind control.

Medieval England:

Rip is injured in battle and Darhk leaves him behind. Sarah and The Legends capture Rip and place him on the timeship.

Ray chases after Darhk and they battle until Darhk plays possum and shoots Ray with a laser gun. Luckily he wore his atom suit under his Knight’s armor and is unharmed.

The Legends head back to the timeship leaving Star Girl behind, after Sarah kisses Guinevere.


Back on the timeship Mick won’t let up about the fact that his brain and not Martin’s saved the day. Jax finds and confronts a caged Rip and threatens to kill him if he tries to hurt anyone again. Unfortunately that may come sooner rather than later as Gideon still listens to Rip.

Next Episode (Tuesday March 7th):

Gideon sets Rip free and he initiates the Waverider’s self-destruct mode.

Sarah faces off with herself in a dream world.

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