Ahead Of The Game: Lil Skies

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Being titled a freshman is an understatement for 19 year old Waynesboro, PA native Lil Skies. Over the past year, this artist has been on a tunnel vision when it comes to the deep and very committed love he has for making music. The buzzing rapper’s life completely changed over a year span after the release of his debut album, his tour with Lil’ Uzi Vert, and a major record deal with Atlantic Records. He has a unique sound and pen that stands out amongst the average rapper booming from popular streaming service Soundcloud. The “Red Roses” rapper is a gem that always delivers hard-hitting and reasonating records that prove his future in music is promising.

We get it, when you see a rapper with a tatted up face and an alias that begins with “lil”; you would guess it’s just another rapper making a profit off of mumble rap and stupidity. But with Lil Skies, that is not the case. This artist makes overall lasting and enjoyable music for this generation that eats, sleeps, and breathes feel good music. Lil Skies strives to prevail in the music business with zero plans of settling for anything else. Fun fact, the rapper even got his face tattooed to verify that he would never give up on music and settle for a day job. Over at Atlantic Records he is one of the top signee’s that are bound to top the charts. As expected, his debut project, Life of a Dark Rose, reached its No. 10 peak last month on the Billboard charts. The Soundcloud rapper has been making impressive moves with his music career by having three hit singles: “Red Roses,” “Nowadays” and “Creeping” as the top streamed songs on a platform. With his rich vocals and his hard-core bars to back it up, as a teen he can do no wrong. Once he turned down the XXL Freshman cover, it told us that the rapper is unbothered by the industry and has the confidence to not let anything of no real worth get in his way.  

“Y’all asking about XXL, I didn’t show up. Imma tell y’all straight up, XXL reached out to me months ago and chose me to be a 2018 XXL Freshman. How the f*ck do you choose me to be a freshman before the fans get to vote? Even on the vote poll, I still won. I still got on the list. But even before that, they chose me to be a freshman,” Skies explains. “C’mon now. The list is rigged. You’re not placing me in no category. My focus is music and the stage. That’s it. I don’t care about nothing else. I don’t give a f*ck about no XXL Magazine.”

The future for Lil Skies is bright and we are certain this young MC is ahead of the game. You can catch Lil Skies at the Rolling Loud Festival on Mother’s Day weekend in Miami as well as Hard Summer Music Festival that will be held in California early August. But for now, peep the animated visual for his single “Lust” below.

Words By: Jasmine Johnson, Tracy Mitchell

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