Lil Skies Is Just Getting Started

Photo Credit: Apple Music

2018 has been more than great for Lil Skies. Last month he released his debut mixtape titled Life of a Dark Rose and the response has been crazy. From the numerous features and interviews, everybody wants to know who this guy is.

The 19 year old Pennsylvania native brings a futuristic, relaxed vibe that is common but unique. His flow is his own, although he may sound like others, his style and demeanor make him different. With hits like the single “Red Roses” and “Cloudy Skies” he sets himself apart. Life of a Dark Rose is a 40 minute excerpt of Lil Skies life. His confidence is evident through the entire tape and it’s clear that this was just a start for him. With this tape growing his buzz everyday, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more music on the way.

Uniqueness will get you in the industry, dedication to constantly improve your sound will keep you in the industry. Lil Skies certainly has more than what it takes to stay relevant in an industry where you can be here today and gone tomorrow. With the way things have been going for Lil Skies lately, I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

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