A3C 2017 Recap: Top Panelists

Photo Credit: Jasmine Johnson

As you know, we went to Atlanta to cover A3C, one of the top festivals down south. Throughout the week, we met up with rising artists and panelists — the first being SESAC, ASCAP and BMI executives Greg Smith, Jason Reddick and Mitch Martin, and we learned from them on how to monetize your music by collecting royalties from it. Artists had various questions about how to make money if artists wrote a song, but the producer helped with the hook and the advice was to split everything evenly while you are in the room. For example, if four people are in the room, split it in 4 ways: 25/25/25/25.

Photo Credit: Christina Mallas

The second panel featured legendary hip-hop exec Steve Rifkind with Combat Jack as the host. Steve talked about today’s music, entrepreneurship and back in the day stories with Diddy. He told us a story that I’ll never forget: he said when he first met with Biggie Smalls (aka The Notorious B.I.G.), he promoted his tapes by putting Big Mac buns with cassette tapes in them.

We got into the digital side of how technology changes the music industry with panelists Amber Grimes, Hurricane Dave, Kayla Parchia and many more. The panel was about the ways technology disrupted the music industry and what musicians can do to take advantage of it.

Photo Credit: Jade Forest

We also went to Zaytoven‘s Keys Camp, a beat summit designed for producers and artists to give them the tools and information they need in the entertainment industry through track records. Zaytoven and his team there wanted to educate and inspire young cats to reach the next level, spilling some gems to us that artists, producers, management can relate to.

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford

Lastly, it was Women In Charge featuring Angela Yee, Karen Civil, Janee Bolden, Jennifer Drake and more. They talked about how innovative and creative they are to be in a male-dominant place. It touches on issues effecting women in hip-hop by needing to lift each other up and being positive to one another.

All in all, the knowledge was abundant at this year’s A3C.

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