A3C 2017: Mentors Spilling Gems That You Missed

Photo Credit: Tracy Mitchell

At A3C, we gathered up a few gems from the speakers who spoke to us that we feel you should keep in mind when chasing your dreams and perfecting your craft. Speakers who spilled these gems include Vice President of Atlantic Records Shawn Barron; producer Zaytoven; Karen Civil and much more. The quoted are listed below; cherish them to do what your heart takes you.

During the Women In Charge panel where Karen Civil, Angela Yee and others spoke their experiences, Civil said, “Take a chance if they see you chase your dreams or move to another state, they would envy. I wouldn’t let people tell my story. They want to dim your light; for them to shine. Help the next person.” Angela Yee states, “Negotiate, be very assertive and demand for a raise!”

Zaytoven was one of the speakers for his Zaytoven Keys Camp for the Beat Summit and spoke to artists and producers about chasing their dreams, stating, “Be in a team to encourage your dream.” He also followed behind it and says, “Have people believe in you and your dreams. Put in the work and get people to notice you. Make your one shot your only one and don’t let people come to you and demand you your respect. Make yourself valuable.”

Roland Williams, Zaytoven’s manager, says some accurate facts about valuing yourself when it comes to the entertainment industry.  He states, “Have to give and understand that you don’t need no one. The credentials speak for itself. I had to build and work my way up and be an asset.”

Shawn Barron, VP of Atlantic Records, shared so many gems to future A&R’s in the room about finding the next best talent and what it is like behind the scenes. He states, “Find an artist, blow the artist up and people will come to you.”

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