Midwest Rep, Richie Bux Takes a Giant Step Forward on, ‘Vanilla Sky’.


Photo by Milton Amaya

Look, personally I’ve never seen the movie Vanilla Sky before. I’ve heard many things about it, both good and bad. To be completely honest, the closest tie I have to that movie is Kanye’s, “I felt like Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky” shout-out on, “Through The Wire” and to be quite frank, I don’t rock with Tom Cruise. Something about 5’4, shaggy haired dudes defying the odds and doing bonkers shit doesn’t sit very well with me. So when Michigan City, Indiana native, and RESPECT. Favorite, Richie Bux announced his debut full length would be titled after the movie, I did some head scratching. Though the tape sounds nothing like what I imagine the movie to be — this is a good thing — Vanilla Sky provided a great look into the progression of one of Rap’s most exciting young guns.

Spread out among 13-tracks, Vanilla Sky (The Album) is a deep look into the ever-evolving mind of Richie Bux. One common criticism of the Indiana product was that he was on 10 24/7. Meaning that his aggression in his music could be seen as a turn off to the female demographic. Never the one to leave the ladies hanging, Bux improves on his Bedroom Music ability in real-time throughout the project. Songs like the buzzing single, “Closer” see him scratch the surface, albeit maybe a bit too obviously. The blatant Kush & Orange Juice theme speaks to the hungry passion Bux has to get better and he quickly realizes it on the standout tracks, “Love Letters” a BOOMIN’ jam about the limitations of your phone and “Addicted,” the Kiari The Stone and Todd Zack Jr. assisted joint that will most likely receive a bulk of the post roll-out love.


Photo by @thefuckerybruh

Though the tape has undisguised aspirations of connecting with women, the best love song probably won’t be received as such. On, “Runaway,” the Las Vegas transplant writes his chapter in the infinitely growing Bonnie & Clyde series; crafting clever tales about his girl being a ride or die to the fullest extent. Highlighting his creativity, Bux also demonstrates his ambitious wordplay on the Allen Iverson tribute, “Bubbachuck” as well as the dope-boy-anthem, “Get The Cake.” In short, Richie Bux demonstrates a potential on Vanilla Sky that is rarely seen among rappers in only their second year on the job. Personally, after this album, combined with the monster that was Early Infamy, which dropped during the 1st quarter of 2017; I believe that Richie Bux has had one of the best years out of any west coast underground artist, period.

Listen to the Audiomack stream of the album below and be sure to download it from MyMixtapez, which premiered it yesterday morning.

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