With All Due RESPECT.: 5 Songs You’ve Been Sleeping On (8/29)


We’ve had a huge week in the Urban music realm — that’s what we’re calling it right? Since we last spoke a week ago. We’ve been blessed with new projects from Vince Staples and Young Th.. er I mean Jeffery. We got a chance to see not only G-Eazy but Drake get publicly friend zoned — c’mon I know you seen The Boy get his smooch shot down by Rihanna. We also had some downs to go along with the beautiful peaks. We wanted to take this time to share our condolences with the Wade family and Chicago as a whole. Things are rough right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. We need to come together as a nation and address the injustices of what’s happening in Chicago, or else people like Donald Trump get away with insecure, irresponsible comments like this one. While we try and figure out why Trump is such a d*ck head, check out these 5 slept on sonic treats that will make your day just a bit better.

Twelve’Len – Succulent

What do you get when you take a bit of soul, some raspy hi hats, some melodic vocal ability, and you mix it all up. You get Florida natives Twelve’Len and thier self titled “rock & soul” style music. The Marvin Gaye inspirees checks in with their soulful cut, “Succulent” which is a beautiful, well written track about persevering through the bullsh*t. This is the perfect cut to play when the day starts putting up numbers on the scoreboard and your defense is trash. AKA this is the remedy and the answer found during a timeout. Check out, “Succulent” below and be sure to keep an eye on the Florida natives.

DavidFamous – Before Sunday

Keeping it in The Sunshine State, we check in with another Florida native in DavidFamous and his uplifting track, “Before Sunday“. Produced by King Carlow, “Before Sunday” is a rhythmic ode to trying to make it all happen before church on Sunday. Utilizing church band like horns and a soulful flow, Famous pours out his honest thoughts throughout the track. “Just to be clear/I don’t being second/ Cause everything I got is a blessing/ from the minutes to the hours to the seconds” raps Famous over the enlivened beat. Check out “Before Sunday” below.

Duckwrth – Rare Panther + Beach House

Nowadays, genre fusions seem to be the new fad. We’ve seen EDM crossover with Hip-Hop soooo many times in the past couple of years, but we haven’t seen too many Punk inspired rappers, or Punk Rappers as I call them. Los Angeles native Duckwrth falls into that rare category. Mixing wavy synths and hard hitting bass with Punk Rock aesthetics at shows, Duckwrth has quickly become a fan favorite. Some of this success could be attributed to “Rare Panther + Beach House“, a festive track the exhibits all of the qualities that I just discussed, perfectly. Check out the groovy party track below and be sure to keep an eye out for the South Central native, who’s EP, I’m Uugly, is set to be released soon.

Dez – Greatglass

Let me ask you a question, do you have 1:35 of your time to spare? Because if you do, I have a treat for you. Though short — but never sweet, San Fernando Valley native Dez absolutely rips apart the Noah Rime$ produced track, “Greatglass“. “Most ni**as microscopic in regards to where the wind blow/ so, press a line ni**a however you please” raps Dez over the grimy, golden age East Coast inspired beat. The raspy bars complement the track beautifully as Dez showcases his dense bars and knack for beat shredding. Check out the brief track below and be the newest member on the Dez bandwagon, there’s still a little bit of room.

Mitchy Slick + OsOcean –Imperial

It’s a shame, but many major cities in the U.S. have an unsung rap hero who flies under the radar nationally. We’ve seen it in L.A. with rappers like Topic, we’ve seen it in the Bay with Mistah F.A.B., and most recently in Las Vegas with Dizzy Wright before his breakout tape, The Golden Age. San Diego native Mitchy Slick falls into that category, but he shouldn’t. Linking up with frequent collaborator and fellow Daygo native OsOcean, the two created the SD anthem, “Imperial“, an ode to one of the most crime riddled but beloved streets in Southern California. Listen, if you love West Coast G-Funk like I love West Coast G-Funk then Mitchy Slick might become your new favorite gem. Oh and please don’t forget about the Yay Area like flow from hotspitter OsOcean who completely bodies this joint. Bump this track as you cruise down your streets, and watch your whole day turnaround. Check out “Imperial” below.

There you have it! Let us know how we did, did we get it right? Are we still sleeping on your favorite local artist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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