With All Due RESPECT.: 5 Songs You’ve Been Sleeping On (8/8)


Can you believe it’s almost been 3 months since this segment premiered? We at RESPECT. Mag just wanted to take the time to thank everybody that’s been rocking with not only the segment, but the magazine for so long. We’ve seen tracks from heavy hitters such as Mick Jenkins and new names such as Malik Burgers. We’ve also witnessed the complete evolution of alumni Rob $tones‘ career, going from promising prospect, to a bonafide rising star. We hope to keep you guys coming with the finest of the slept on music. Now enough of the sappy sh*t, let’s get to these bars *Ebro Darden voice*.

Dezmond MF – “Deez Xanax

Anime and Hip-Hop have always had a love affair. From RZA putting his own creative spin on the series Afro Samurai, to The Underachievers’ AK creating his own full blown Anime series, Hip-Hop has always shown love. Las Vegas native Dezmond MF looks to be the next in that mold. Whether it be him utilizing Anime for music videos, or for cover art, Dez gets it. Oh and he can rap his a** off too. This is proven in the energetic track, “Deez Xanax” which features Dez showcasing his aggressive cadence and rap style. If you are a fan of Pouya or Denzel Curry, then this is the guy for you. Check out the track below.

Khary – “Find Me

Combining wavy hi-hats with soothing trumpet horns and introspective lyrics, Rhode Island native Khary delivers a fantastic track in “Find Me“. “In high school I wouldn’t listen to Lil’ Wayne/ Money over bitches just seemed a little profane/ Till I realized all the girls that I liked was really bitches/Ever since that moment, I’ve been rapping a little different” raps Khary in his best Kendrick Lamar impression over the uplifting Lege Kale produced track. Check out “Find Me” below and be sure to keep an eye on the Rhode Island product.

Eli Sostre – “New Pirelli

Remember the first time you ever heard, “Don’t” by Bryson Tiller? Do you remember that cool wavy feeling you got at the pit of your stomach? Okay now get ready for that again once you press play on Brooklyn native Eli Sostre‘s infectious track, “New Pirelli“. Combining his surprisingly on key vocal abilities with a respectable flow, Sostre will be playing everywhere sooner than later. Stop sleeping now before it’s too late! Oh and did I mention he’s from Marcy son? *Jigga voice* If you’re not sold yet — which c’mon, MARCY — then check out his fantastic new mixtape Still Up All Night, which features “New Pirelli“.

Moonchild – “Ocean Deep

Before you read the rest of this description, I challenge you to first press play on the track below, and then create a visual of the artist in your head… Did you do it??? Sounds like a neo-soul revival right? Well you can thank the soul trio Moonchild for that nirvana like feeling in your body right now. Comprised of horn/reed players, Andris Mattson and Max Byrk, as well as amazing vocalist Amber Navran, Moonchild has been making waves in the soul scene. Their last two albums Be Free and Please Rewind, have garnered acclaim from legends like Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder and more. Check out their soothing track, “Ocean Deep” below and light a few incense, or something a bit more festive — if you catch my drift.

Dae Dae – “What u Mean (Remix) Feat. Lil’ Yachty

The South is definitely in the building with Atlanta native Dae Dae‘s exuberant track, “What u Mean“. After picking up some steam with the original version, Dae Dae did the right move and picked up Hip-Hop enigma Lil’ Yachty for the remix. Though Dae Dae murks this beat, it’s Yachty’s verse that is sure to turn some heads. After garnering PLENTY of criticism for his perceived lack of lyrical ability, Lil’ Boat absolutely rips this track to pieces. “Ball like free-throw I’m the Don Dada/ All my hipster bit*hes call me Big Papa/ Shoutout Zeus that’s my top shotta/ Sell out every show cause I’m a show stopper.” raps Yachty with the best cadence I’ve heard him use to date. Check out the track below, which is starting to bubble up fast in Atlanta.

There you have it! Let us know how we did, did we get it right? Are we still sleeping on your favorite local artist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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