RESPECT. The Track: 1ONEWLF – “Houston Flexas”


Music is a chamelon’s game, especially in Hip-Hop. We’ve seen too many times how somebody could be the talk of the town today, and working a drive-thru window the next. Often times, it’s due to lack of actual talent, guidance or just sheer ignorance, other times it’s because of an artists’ unwillingness to adjust. When the rap checks stop coming, there needs to be a foundation that you’ve created from those opportunities to help you stay afloat.

Knowing this, Louisville native, 1ONEWLF has done exactly that by creating a social media marketing company that has not only helped out artists in his region, but has also helped his own music shoot up the ranks. Checking into the RESPECT. pages for the first time, 1ONEWLF pays homage to the dirty south with his po’d up anthem, “Houston Flexas.”

Check out the engaging track below and be sure to keep an eye on 1ONEWLF, who is already turning heads on Soundcloud.

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