Las Vegas Native, Kiari The Stone Shines Bright on His Debut Album, ‘PRMSLND’. (Album Review)


Photo by Milton Amaya for One Militia Records

Music has and will always be a facade. Especially Hip-Hop. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my genre with every piece of me; but it swallows up people whole without taking even the slightest of seconds to enjoy the taste. The music industry hardly eats for pleasure, instead constantly filling it’s belly up with naive hopefuls as if it were storing away food for some sort of musical hibernation. The game is fucked up and the constant marketing of this mythical “promise-land” that every rapper and their entourage consistently speaks about is playing right into the hands of, “the man.” But what if that promise-land isn’t mythical? What if, with enough drive, honesty, emotion and talent–we can reach this holy place. This is the notion that 20-year-old Las Vegas native, Kiari The Stone, seeks to explore on his fantastic debut album, PRMSLND.

Following the release of the Ish Himself proudced lead single, “Smile 4 Me,” Stone then followed up the jazzy track with, “Wrong Reasons,” a track that is already doing numbers on Audiomack, approaching the 12K mark, sounds as if Devon Miles from Drumline got cool with Redman and made a track with Miles Davis — yes, trumpeter, Fendi Sean, is that good. Although the singles were well chosen and cleverly calculated, the album cuts are what stands out heavily on this project. Stone showcases his stout versatility all throughout the album, simultaneously speaking on topics ranging from sunny Vegas days (“Summertime“), heritage (“Northside“), midget arms (“Anywhere“) and everything in between.

While the Norvis Junior produced, “In My Shoes” featuring an emotional cameo from Ali-47 is without a doubt one of my favorites; the two songs on the album that prove Stone is on to bigger and better things are, “Closer” and “No RZN“. “Closer,” the Cameron Love produced, groovy love-song; is a new look for Stone, but not for Love. Love, a respected producer in the Las Vegas area, shined on this beat, geniusly crafting wavy loops and hi-hat claps that had me feeling like I was listening to Kaytranada‘s eventual successor. (Side note: I was kidding Kay. Cam’s great, but we need you in the industry.) The song is so good, you find it hard not to play imaginary video-director, creating chic aesthetic visuals for the beautifully arranged track.


Photo by Milton Amaya for One Militia Records

“No RZN” is the one though.

In general, PRMSLND is an album that has no skippables and very little dull moments, but Stone knew what he was doing in saving this one for the end of the album. I haven’t heard this kind of blatant honesty from a rapper in a minute. Just read these lyrics to the chorus and try to tell me that a specific ex didn’t pop in your head:

I still think about the times you had my back and all the time we can’t get back,

Was it all for no reason? We got lost for no reason.

I be thinking ’bout the shit I put you through and all the love I gave to you,

Was it all for no reason? We got lost for no reason.

–  Kiari The Stone, “No RZN”

Quick, before you shed a tear and lose your train of thought, that shit was heavy right? It only gets deeper from there. Kiari bares all on this track, melodically switching from crooner to bonafide lyricist, touching on topics from pill addiction and empty promises, to finding yourself in a sea of confusion and mind-altering substances. In all, that seems to be the general theme of PRMSLND–an album that helps you realize all of your worst insecurities, only to help you overcome them.

Check out the Audiomack stream for, PRMSLND, below and be sure to buy a copy on Tidal, Spotify or iTunes.

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