The Mikealson’s take on Marcel – ‘The Originals’ Recap: “No Quarter”


The latest episode of ‘The Originals’ had the Mikealson’s heading back to NOLA to save their dear brother Nik (Niklaus/Klaus) from Marcel. The legendary family headed back to their old stomping grounds after devouring an entire bus of prisoners, including the guards.

As they ventured back Marcel got word of the family being resurrected and we learned that venom from the 7 original wolf packs can cure Marcel’s bite. However, by the time Marcel found out the Mikealson’s were on their way it was already too late. The family was already in The French Quarter and paying Joshua, Marcel’s right hand man, a visit. Meanwhile, Rebekah paid her former lover, Marcel, a visit.

Marcel quickly caught on to the fact that she was being used to distract him from Klaus’s rescue mission. Rebekah just as quickly gave up the jig and flat out asked Marcel to let her brother go. He obviously refused to do so and she was forced to take action via a hex stake. Rebekah threatened Marcel with the dark artifact and was shot in the chest with arrows by Sofya, Marcel’s informant and potential love interest. It doesn’t look like these two will be rekindling their relationship anytime soon.

Locked away at the Mikealson estate Klaus was also paid a visit by Cami. Unfortunately for Cami fans she is only a figment of his imagination/subconscious and not back on the show permanently. She informed Klaus that his family was back to rescue him and that he needed to find a way out of his imprisonment before they get killed.

Klaus doesn’t want to escape because he is afraid that if he is involved in his daughter Hope’s life, she will turn into the monster that he has become. Cami reassures Klaus that Hope needs him and that he needs to face his fears, pull that knife out of his chest and escape. Shortly after Elijah, Hayley and Freya arrive and begin to work together to free Klaus. Freya channeled Hayley in order to break the boundary spell while Elijah and Marcel faced off.

Back at the bar where Kol was babysitting Josh, the two have a heart-to-heart about loss. Josh talks about losing Aiden in hopes that he can ease Kol’s pain about losing Davina. He told Kol that it does get better eventually. That bonding moment was cut short when Josh received a text from Marcel with the word Tuetoburg. It was a coded message for Josh to send out a warning/summoning message to Marcel’s other minions. Kol realized something was off, snapped Josh’s neck (thank god he is a vamp) and headed off to find Rebekah. He found Rebekah in the cemetery with arrows in her chest. Kol removed them and then the two battled with Marcel’s vampire groupies.

At the Mikealson estate Klaus finally mustered up the courage to pull the knife out of his chest and escape. He then used said knife and stabbed Marcel with it to allow everyone to escape. Klaus, Elijah, Freya and Hayley all reach the escape point where Kol and Rebekah are waiting for them. Unfortunately Marcel was right behind them. Klaus offered peace in exchange for their free passage and promised to never return to New Orleans. Marcel offers them mercy and lets them go, telling them that if they ever return they will be killed.

The family then returned to the home where Hayley and Hope have been living for the past five years and Klaus finally got to see his daughter. He watched her sleep.

Other things you may have missed this episode:

  • Vincent went on the hunt for Adam and ran into the dark entity that captured him
  • Vincent has seen the dragon circle before —- this dark magic coming to NOLA may actually be his fault.


Klaus spends some quality time with his daughter (Hope)

The dark magic entity comes for Hope

Vincent asks for Marcel’s help with the dark magic that is coming for the quarter and its inhabitants

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