It is 2019 so things are getting more futuristic by the day. Today, we want to introduce you to the future of the music world. Digital distribution giant SaonMedia has rebranded & now is called SaonMusic. SaonMusic will introduce a new digital distribution & marketing platform for artists, producers & djs from around the world. In the past, SaonMedia mainly focused on hip-hop & r&b artists. Now, SaonMusic is poised to diversify it’s portfolio adding EDM, Rock, & Pop artists from around the globe. In addition to artist diversification, SaonMusic’s new digital marketing platform will provide artists with not only resources, but the knowledge on how to market their music to their fans.

Mobile devices have changed the way artists can market music directly to their consumers. SaonMusic is taking advantage of the mobile industry by providing the tool artists can use to build their social media presence reaching every mobile device. Distribution will always be a major component of SaonMusic’s platform, but research found that music marketing is the biggest need for artists in the new digital age. SaonMusic’s new program will help bridge the gap between artists & fans.