Photo by @robseher

2015-2017 was a very strange time in Hip-Hop. We saw the beginning of the downfall of the Blogging Era, unbreakable bonds were severed & “mumble rap” became King. Although many people downplay the sub-genre’s contributions to Hip-Hop as a whole, one place it’s not debatable is how it propelled platforms like SoundCloud to the masses, giving everybody a level playing field and a chance to “make it.” This is exactly how I found ZoeLifeCJ, an eccentric new artist from Las Vegas by way of Miami and his infectious self titled project, ZOELIFECJ.

Sticking to a short but highly effective six tracks, ZOELIFECJ is a solid introduction to CJ. With songs like, “Lookin’ Back” and “Ummazoe” boasting disgusting production to compliment Zoe’s catchy cadences, it’s no wonder he’s starting to heat up. With his GoldenMind Z slated to release later this month, now would be a better time than ever to get familiar.

Check out, ZOELIFECJ below.

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