RESPECT. Interview: Melii

Photo Credit: Chris Paul Thompson

Melii has been pretty “icey” lately with her latest single. We recently caught up with the rising star and talked about how the track came about, who inspired her and will there be an album coming soon.

RESPECT.: How did the track “Icey” come about? Why?

It was my first time in the studio and we were knocking out songs. It was also one of the last days at the studio; and I was enjoying myself at the time. Me, my manager and engineer started laughing at the tag name that was being whispered, (laughs). Next thing I was freestyling over it; and the hook came about. I didn’t think too much of it. The team liked the song.

RESPECT.: What is the meaning behind it?

The beat sounded like a club beat and niggas will be dancing to it. When I was uptown, I was asking myself what will girls be thinking at the club. I want to empower women, connect and brag with anyone who are feeling themselves.

RESPECT.: How did you pursue and start your music career? Explain.

Music has always been a part of my life. It is a way to express myself by the beat and rhythm. By hearing and listening, the music speaks to me.

RESPECT.: Will there be more music coming out very soon?

My album, Phases, will be an opportunity to find a different me. It will describe the different times and different head spaces I’ve been in. It will take you inside of my world. And to my fans, who keep contacting me about it, it’s coming out towards late summer.

RESPECT.: Who has inspired you to do music? Why?

Cole has been a huge influence in my life. Sometimes you go through things in order to talk about it. Certain Cole songs have influenced me to tell my life stories. Nicki Minaj is also another influence of mine.

RESPECT.: Who is someone you want to work with in the future? Why?

Rihanna is someone who I adore! She slays and is a Queen in my eyes. She represents females, who are empowered. I was broke and now blessed with an opportunity. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. No matter if you do what you love, you will get called different names but she never gave a f***. Don’t put a limit on me.

RESPECT.: What’s next for Melii? Will there be an album?

As I previously stated there will be an album on the way; as well as, another single and visuals.

Peep the visual of Melii’s hit single “Icey” below.

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