RESPECT. Interview: Gabe Shaddow

Photo Credit: @gabeshaddow

LA native Gabriel “Gabe” Shaddow is a creative director, photographer, producer and designer. You have mainly seen him as a photographer for Ty Dolla $ign in recent works. We recently caught up with him to talk about THE MVMNT, what made him become a photographer, and capturing moments of Ty$’ Don’t Judge Me tour.

RESPECT.: What made you get into photography?

Pretty interesting story, at least to me haha. I bought a camera, Canon t4i, six years ago when I was in a pretty bad relationship and I never used it. When things ended and that’s where this all started. I was so depressed that I started going to shows at Echo Park’s Highlight room ‘Lowend Theory’ and ‘HAMONEVERYTHINGs’ shows to distract myself. I started taking photos of all these artists, when later it became my therapy. Afterward, it became addicting by collecting all these shots that eventually I started sneaking into to bigger shows and finessing my way to taking photos of my favorite artists which I listed too. Which lead me here.

RESPECT.: How did you link up with Ty Dolla $ign? Describe.

At first I was shooting tons of festivals and shows trying to get on my first tour . I met his DJ “Dre Sinatra” five years back at a concert on Fairfax. I always came out to gigs and shows grinding until one day, I get a phone call early in the morning with Ty and Dre on the line asking me to go on tour, and since then I’ve been on the road.

RESPECT.: What can you say is your most favorite moment you captured when you were on the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ tour? Which one is your favorite city?

Atlanta! It was crazy and unexpected. Ty literally brought out the whole city. My favorite part was when Future came out and brought out Young Thug to perform some Super Slimey songs. I have tons of photos that you can visit on my Instagram.

LA has to be my favorite show every time. Even though everyone and there mom wants passes, it always ends up being the best home show.

Photo Credit: @gabeshaddow

Photo Credit: @gabeshaddow

RESPECT.: Describe your definition of what the THMVMNT is?

It’s THE MOVEMENT STUPID! That’s our motto , THMVMNT is Ty’s record label. Artist such as 24hrs, Joe Moses, TC 4800, D-Loc and many more. I run their social media as well as in-house creative design. It’s really a family in where we’re all close and always there for each other. Big things coming soon as well.

RESPECT.: What is your definition of RESPECT.?

“Something that is gained after time of hard hustle.”

RESPECT.: What can you say to the aspiring photographers out there? What is your quote or advice to them?

Make as many mistakes when you’re young. Eventually people stop saying no.

Follow your love and passion because that’s the only motivation that will keep you going, not money.

Social media is one of the greatest inventions especially to us photographers.

Be innovative don’t do what everyone else does.

When you want to quit that’s when you know to keep going, always tell yourself  “KEEP GOING.”

RESPECT.: What will be next for you?

The grind never stops. More photoshoots, music videos, creating label merch and working on graphic designs for the THMVMNT team. I’m launching a clothing brand in where I’ve been designing for the last two years and planning to release by next year.

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