Nevelle Viracocha Releases Debut Album ‘Astral Hour’

Nevelle Viracocha. The name may sound like a mouth full right now but it will be a name that you’ll come to repeat time and time again in the future. Since having some of his music premiere on FX hit show Atlanta“Dirrty Game” and “Mind Made Up” to be specific, Viracocha is keeping the vibe going by releasing his debut album ‘Astral Hour.

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Viracocha, who was born in North Carolina but has since lived in Atlanta, Germany, South Korea, and Alabama, has known music ever since he was born. With a family history of music and the worldly experience of all his travels, Viracocha hopes to encapsulate fans with his style of blending the music of the cultures he’s experienced with his unique perspective to create a wholistic project:

“This Astral Hour album is a special piece of work. I think all different types of music lovers are going to be satisfied with this project and will be able to find something they can listen to and relate to and connect with. I definitely am a lot more melodic so if people like songs such as “Mind Made” or “Dirty Game” I don’t have as much of that on this project. I chose to exercise my different ranges and different pockets a little bit to get more experimental with the type of production I approached and the type of message I was sending.

Why be so experimental in your career right now instead of your second or third album?

“I think that part of my artistry and the artistry of a lot of my favorite artists is being experimental…it’s still very early in my career, I feel like these are the first real steps in my career so I don’t know what works best for me yet and so I won’t know until I actually get my ideas out and let people react to them.

What song are you most excited for people to hear?

“I want people to hear the whole album. It’s so left to right, in an audio sense, that I think it should cover a very broad base of people. I didn’t make 13 different songs for one type of person, I made a nice selection of songs for people to listen to. It might be some songs that people love and it might be some that people hate, but, there are multiple songs that people love and hate on the same project. That’s fine but I did try to make something that everybody can tune into and vibe with at some point in time.”

“Particular records, I really like “Wanted Part. 1” and “[Wanted] Part 2.”, but part 2 has a crazy feel to it. You know Araabmuzik got down on the production with that one and he did something special like he always does. Also “All In” was produced by my brother 7ilent . I’m really excited about “All In” up next. That record right there is crazy…it’s the concoction of something special.”

Is it fair to say that this album is an extension of you?

“Astral Hour is a the culmination of me at different times in my life. It’s a reflection of me in different mindsets and emotional states that I’ve been at in different periods of my life. From my mindset at 21, my mindset at 19, 24, and 23. This is a culmination of those moments and that’s why Astral Hour is like me being a different places all at one time. I embody the feeling of basically growing up in these songs.”

Are there any last things before you want to say before people hear it?

“I’m new to this but still true to this and I hope everybody likes it. I’m very excited to present this to everyone and I want everyone to go into it with no preconceptions and no expectancies to hear anything but to just judge what you hear. All thoughts are welcome man, welcome to the ‘Astral Hour‘.”

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