Kanye West Teases New Music & Album Tracklists

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if — despite all of the controversial topics he’s spoken on this year — Kanye West ended up back in everyone’s good graces after dropping off all of this dope music he’s promising. Currently, he’s huddled down in Wyoming, (presumably) working feverishly to complete his next album, as well as those from Pusha T, Nas, Kids See Ghosts (‘Ye and KiD CuDi) and Teyana Taylor — the first is Pusha’s, scheduled to drop next week.

Above, he teases two things: a dope beat that’s for somebody’s project, as well as glimpses into the still-incomplete tracklistings of the aforementioned, which has been laid out a little bit more clearly below.

Are you still hype for new music from MAGA Kanye?

Pusha T:

1. “If You Know U Know”
2. “Sociopath”
3. “Game We Play”
4. “Come Back Baby”
5. “Infrared”
6. “Hard Piano”
7. “How Do You Respond”
8. “Santeria”

Kanye West:

1. “N/A”
2. “Extacy”
3. “Wouldn’t Leave”
4. “N/A”
5. “N/A”
6. “N/A”
7. “N/A”

Kanye West & KiD CuDi (Kids See Ghosts):

1. “Feel the Love”
2. “Kids See Ghosts”
3. “4th Dimension”
4. “Ghost Town”
5. “Cudi Montage”
6. “Devil’s Watchin”
7. “Reborn”


1. “Everything”
2. “N/A”
3. “N/A”
4. “N/A”
5. “N/A”
6. “N/A”
7. “N/A”

Teyana Taylor:

1. “Gonna Love”
2. “Hold On”
3. “3 Ways”
4. “N/A”
5. “N/A”
6. “N/A”
7. “N/A”