Roxbury’s Own Overtime Often Sets 4/20 Off with “Delta 9”

Credit: OverTime Often

Confessional turned private strip show, OverTime Often’s walks a fine line between admitting to his wrongs and enjoying himself. Finessing the majority of the gritty east style of rap, Roxbury’s own is soon to make a name for himself. For those who aren’t so familiar with his music is it’s far from a revisionist’s perspective.

Credit:OverTime Often

Boston known for their accolades in sports is also known for making great creators. Being able to turn a passion into a craft O.T.O thrives through lyricism while being well structured on records. Releasing his new record “Delta 9,” O.T.O only wanting nothing more than to be blessed and enjoy life.

Finding his own solution to get away from his demons O.T.O comes to find himself stuck between life and lust. Being so lyrically invested it’s easy to get lost due to his wordplay & precision with metaphors. With today being 4/20 this record is equivalent to sativa, a good time but once you sit back it’ll take you somewhere else.

You can view Delta 9 below.


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