Ahead Of The Game: Valee

Photo Credit: Def Jam Recordings

This Chicago rapper already has the undeniable impact to take hip-hop to the next level! By carrying the torch for his city and dropping bangers that are impossible to be replicated; there is no doubt Valee is here to stay. Born Valee Taylor in the South Side of Chicago, he is infamously known for his whispering, often easygoing vocals over tenacious and striking beats. In conjunction with his distinct sound, he is also known for carrying around a savage teacup Yorkie named “Firarri” which he includes in his performances on occasion. Amongst the carbon copy talents that seem to make up most of the industry, Valee is leading the new wave of artists through his overall refreshing sounds. Even influential folks in the biz like Kanye West have taken notice. On February 1, 2018, Def Jam announced that Valee inked a deal with G.O.O.D. Music. The label founded by Mr. West is also home of heavy weight rappers such as Big Sean, Common, and Pusha T. We know you jig to that “Miami” track off of his latest EP, GOOD Job, You Found Me, we can’t help ourselves either. That is not where his journey began though. Over the past year or two, the 28-year-old has released successful projects including last years’ 1988 mixtape and VTM, a full-length collab project produced entirely by St. Louis producer, ChaseTheMoney. If you aren’t already hip it is time to wake up! The rapper is just getting started and already has hits under his belt such as: “Shell,” “I Got Whatever,” and “Two 16s,” which is a fan favorite that features fellow Chicagoan Z-Money. Above all, “Miami” featuring G.O.O.D. music president Pusha T has to be his most infectious cut and soon to be trap classic in its own right. The record showcases his overall eloquent and sassy rhymes: “B**ch your head boring so you get a D in it” he raps. Yes, that line is a bit appalling but it is a great example of how daring and intriguing the rapper is.

Valee has the world at his fingertips now that he is riding the boundless wave of his potent EP GOOD Job, You Found Me. He is preparing to drop the visual to “Skinny” which is produced by Chase and directed by high in demand videographer Cole Bennett. In August, he will be hitting the Lollapalooza stage and it is going to be a set you don’t want to miss. Without a doubt, Valee is ahead of the game.

Words By: Jasmine Johnson, Tracy Mitchell

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