#PeepTheVisual: Sky, The Vision & Yung Lee – “R.S.F.”

Photo by Dave Blaks

When life comes at you fast, you can either step out of the way and tap out, or you can take It head on and make adjustments. There are countless stories, specifically in Hip-Hop, where people have made It out of the mud to the top of the food chain. Those tales also come along with some who may have not made It to the top, yet, but they’re enjoying every step of the ride.

Enter in Sky, The Vision and Yung Lee.

Coming from San Diego, the two friends in their mid-twenties set off for greener pastures in Las Vegas, hoping to become big fish in a small pond. Checking into the pages for the first time, the duo unleashes their coming-to-age new visual, “R.S.F.” which stands for, “Run It up, Stack It up, Fuck It up,” a true testament to their progression in life.

Check out the visual for, “R.S.F.” below and be sure to keep an eye on the duo.