Wurl Sotto Delivers New “Hype” Single

With the amount of time he’s spent in Japan, the name Wurl Sotto was derived from his experiences there. He witnessed first-hand what it was like to stretch himself to new lengths to understand other perspectives — something he thought lacked in the American mentality. The idea of embracing each other’s differences is what inspired him to create his unique brand, WURL (short for Wrong URL). Wrong URL is based on the image of the media obsessed society we live in today, where people can be watered down to a simple Google search.

Sotto stems from two Latin and Japanese meanings. In Latin it means a subtle tone which alludes to the subtlety of his lyrics interwoven with his political messages. In Japanese, Sotto means to be an outsider to a society that you are craving to be a part of. The Detroit artist proves in his activism and lyricism that he doesn’t fit into one norm or stereotype (especially as a Hip-Hop artist). He makes it his purpose to elevate above that rigid mentality.

“Hype” is the first single from his upcoming album Zen Temple and is produced by Poland music producer Union 44. Lend your ears below and let us know your thoughts below!

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