UTU DJ DOLOINDACUT Explores Toronto’s Underground in New Mix

Photocredit: Drew Carrymore

Culture is what dreams are made of and on that note, it is 2018 and Canadian DJs to look for this year is growing. Latest DJ from the dot to shed light on Toronto’s music scene is DoloindaCUT, Roy Woods‘ official DJ. His musical demeanor is very much in pocket with “pretty girls like trap music” aesthetic. His flawless sets are as fun to listen to as they are during his live performances. It is the combination of the two that makes him a great and entertaining DJ. Coming from a family of DJs, it only comes natural to him but that is far from what he once wanted to be.

Have you always wanted to be a DJ?

No I haven’t. I had the dream of every young man, I wanted to be in the NBA. Other than that, I’ve always had an interest for art and drawing. I wanted to be a architect and design buildings but I was always surrounded by music. My dad had been DJing before I was born so I was brought up around DJs ,my older brother also DJ’d so growing up I used to play around. Spinning records at my moms house parties, but it was just for fun I never planned on becoming one.

Growing up what was it like for you and where do you get your music taste from?

Growning up was fun for me I’ve always been a known person. Low key I was a bad yute, always giving trouble. I was a product of my environment. I was raised on Lakeshore, that’s the southwest end of Toronto. Then I moved to Brampton. I went to school with 4YALL Entertainment (Toronto-based Comedy Youtube Channel) then I came right back to Toronto and never left since, I feel like I get my music taste from my older brother. Growing up he used to record hip hop videos on VHS and I used to just sit there and watch different VHS mixtapes all day.

Back in the days DJs used to break records. Do you think the same level of dedication still exists among today’s DJs?

Yes and no. Back in the day artists would find a DJ and get their record played in the club, hoping clubs would fuck with it, that’s how they put it out. But now artists are on soundcloud, and DJs like me that like discovering new music go and to find their tracks. When I DJ or do a mix I always like to add new content that I fuck with and try to put people on game.

Name some of your favorite brands.

Off-White, Virgil is always creating masterpieces, Supreme, Stone Island, Gucci, Jordan, Nike, Palm Angles and Ksubi.

5 goals in 2018:

My 5 goals in 2018 would be to be on the headline of my first festival and turn that shit the fuck up, my second goal is to cross the border and DJ in America and all around the world like France and Dubai and shit like that. My third is for me to do my own tour around North America. Fourth would be to produce a single on someones album or EP and my last goal is to DJ a venue with Virgil Abloh and rock the stage with him.

Your top 7 favorite artists?

MJ, Tupac, the Lox, Jay Z, Biggie, Kanye West, and my brother Roy Woods.

What was the last song you played on your phone?

The last song I listened to on my phone was a un-released record by my brother Roy Woods called Snow White that he just recorded at the house. I have that shit on repeat. that shit is a BANGER.

You have been on tour with OVO artist Roy Woods, what was it like?

Being on tour with Roy was amazing. So fucking lit. I was able to tour around Canada and go places that I never thought I would go, and actually have fun. Everywhere I went I want to go back to DJ or even just to chill out. I got to meet a lot of great people and got the chance to DJ in front of 1400-2000 people for my first tour and have the whole place lit, that tour was very special to me.

Was this your first time touring?

Yes it was. And this is a tour that I’m never going to forget. I was able to learn so much when I was on that tour being on road with my brothers. I learned how to control the crowds and turn them up. Eating right and sleeping right plays a big role because I wasn’t doing neither and it fucked me up by the end of that tour I was sick like a dawg, But I’m ready for the next one baby.

What made you make this mix?

I just wanted to curate a playlist of Toronto music that I can put on a platform and show to the world all the talent we have up here. Some of these songs are un-released and some are out on SoundCloud and Spotify etc. This is just the first of many things coming so keep on the look out. I hope u guys fuck with my movement.

Dolo also recently DJ’d for Stone Island’s first ever North American event. In 2018 definitely look out for him to make some noise.

As for the playlist, take a look below.

1. DRIPXXXX ft. TRIPSIXX – Pink Lemonade
2. 88Glam ft. NAV – Bali
4. Booggz ft. FIJI – On the Road
5. Pressa ft. Tory Lanez – On The Road
6. Fatman – Orangeville
7. Roy Woods – Suitcase
8. Friyie – Who Can I Trust
9. 88Glam – Big tymers
10. Tripsixx – Wassup ft Roy Woods , Dice Soho
11. Kysean – Rockstar
12. 88Glam – 12
13. Pnb Rock – VVS ft. Roy Woods , Dice Soho
14. Killy – No Romance
15. Roy Woods – Ice In My Jewels
16. Friyie – Come & Get It
17. TRIPSIXX ft. Roy Woods – FYFB
18. AM the Artist – Trust
19. Sha Hustle – Spend Some
20. Roy Woods – Fall On Me
21. TRIPSIXX – Trap Cudi
22. Booggz – Windows ft CMDWN
23. Fatman – Traphouse on Hansen
25. Pengz & TwoTwo – Griselda Blanco
26. Prime Boys – Come With It
27. Swagger Rite – In Love With The K
28. DRIPSIXX – Run up
29. Rari – H2O

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