RECAP: ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Tour With Action Bronson (Hartford, CT)

Action Bronson. All photos taken by Miguel Crespo for RESPECT.

Seems like forever since the last time the Webster Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut held a Hip-Hop concert. Chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson would be the one to change that. Fans from all over the east coast formed in a line that wrapped around the block for the Blue Chips 7000 tour. The feeling of excitement and the rush of adrenaline surged through the air and before long the venue doors opened.

Meyhem Lauren, a street savvy wordsmith and associate of Action Bronson, was a special guest that would open the show. Lauren has made a name for himself by proving his skills with tracks like “Typhoon Rap,” and now with music from his most recent project, Gems From The Equinox. The crowd was immediately engaged when Meyhem touched the stage since he is a familiar face on Bronson’s popular food documentary, F*ck That’s Delicious. Fans sang word for word to songs and Lauren reciprocated the love in the city where he still has family.

Mayhem Lauren.

Shortly after Meyhem Lauren’s performance was over, the crowd went into a sudden uproar. Unaware fans looked around to see what the ruckus was. Legendary super producer and DJ, Alchemist had taken his position. “I need a taxi! Somebody send me a taxi! I’m gonna miss watching the Knicks!” Those were the first words spoken by the New York native, Action Bronson as he made his way onto the stage. Fans roared. The moment they had waited for had finally come.


After some influence from his friends, Action Bronson put down the spatula and picked up the microphone. Since, he has worked with some of Hip-Hops most elite artists like A$AP Rocky on “One Train,” Chance The Rapper on “Blue Baby” and many more. Bronson has put out several pieces of work that are considered “classic” to many. SAAAB Stories, Rare Chandeliers, and of course, his latest album Blue Chips 7000, are to name a few. Bronson performed bangers from all his projects and fans couldn’t have been happier. Camera phones, hands and number 1 selling book, F*ck That’s Delicious, filled the air. “That’s a beautiful book,” Bronson shouted as he reached for it and scribbled his autograph. Yes, F*ck That’s Delicious is a TV show and also a recipe book that’s inspired by the childhood, family, tours and travels of Mr. Wonderful himself. A powerful performance was displayed through the rest of the night. The emotion of Action Bronson was unlike anybody else’s I had ever seen. It was clear that he’s passionate about Hip-Hop music and more importantly his fans.

A strong flex and kiss of the biceps was the final touch as Bronson left the stage. Fans chatted and discussed how much fun they had while making their way through the exits. A great performance without a doubt.

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