Soul Group Universe: Rap’s Newest Heavy Hitters

Photo Credit: Qas

Lately that hardcore, gangster sound of New York rap hasn’t been prevelant. Soul Group Universe is here to bring you just that. Recently signed by Commission Music, the collective is ready to take the game by storm. Originally from South Jamaica, Queens, four lyricists make up this collective — Stargiela, 808, Chello and Saj, who each bring their own flavor to the group. While developing their fan base for the past 2 years, the collective has gained a strong following via Soundcloud.

“Rap has become so safe, sometimes you just need to hear some street shit. That’s who they are, we’re excited to have them apart of the family.” said Anthony Martini, CEO of Commission Music.

We took some time to chat with SoulGroupUniverse as well:

RESPECT: “What brought you guys together?”

Chello: “We were all childhood friends, myself, 808, and Star went to elementary school together as well being cool with Saj for a long time.”

RESPECT: “How has South Jamaica, Queens influenced your style of rap?”

Saj: “I would say New York has influenced our style of rap more than the town we’re from. Our content came from the town we’re from.”

RESPECT: “Why were you guys independent for so long?”

Saj: ” Everything came together so naturally that there was no real need for a label. We just ran with the town where we were from. We had the support of the city and we were having genuine fun.”

RESPECT: ” What made you guys sign with Commission Music as opposed to other labels?”

808: “They were actually fans of the music and not the stats, the numbers were there, but it was more impressive to see the A&R and ceo bumping ya shit, it’s like there’s no way these guys want to see us lose and they could help us take it to the next level.”

With over one million plus plays on SoundCloud SoulGroupUniverse has released 2 mix tapes and an EP. With their authentic New York style of Rap, the collective has been recognized by some of the city’s hottest DJ’s, including DJ Spinking, DJ Self, DJ SussOne and DJ Spade. Look out for Soul Group Universe, they’re coming straight to the top!

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