Las Vegas Rep Lil’ Knight Creates a New Wave with, “Zines” [VIDEO]


Photo by @obiquawn (IG)

After lighting up our social media page with the wavy visual for, “Surpass,” and then following it up with the regional smash, “She Understands“; Las Vegas rep Lil’ Knight takes a break from the duo duties to let his position be known in the experimental new video for, “Zines.”

Set to the backdrop of Los Angeles, buzzing videographer Lone Wolf follows Knight throughout the hills on an adventure filled with double cups and Backwoods. “These niggas folding under pressure/ I got a new glock, choppa with da stretcher.” rhymes Knight on top of sped up drum kicks and distorted flute melodies in a certain cadence that makes pinpointing his native origins more difficult than you would think once you see him.

“Well before I started music, I was a model,” says Knight to RESPECT. in regards to the video, “The song is called, ‘Zines’ so I felt it would be cool to give a nod to my portfolio in there. I actually wanted to include every magazine that I had been featured in — including the billboard in L.A. — to the video, but shit happens. Lone Wolf made it look more than crazy.”

Speaking on the track being among some of his very early solo work, the Sin City rep noted, “This is my first solo video and we’re getting better everyday. New singles and visuals coming from the whole BB soon. (Lil’) Koat, Icy–the scene finna be BB infested!”

Check out the premiere for, “Zines” below and be sure to keep an eye on Knight, who’s slated to open up for Ugly God with Lil’ Koat in Las Vegas on Friday, October 20th.

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