Take in Omari Jabari’s Polished ‘Martyr’ EP

Omari Jabari 'Martyr'

Image credit: Soundcloud/Omari Jabari

Toronto is no stranger to birthing melodic crooners — the lane that a few Canadian dark horses are dominating. The “Toronto sound” has become a thing where it shows a composite of influences that range from dark and murky to super melodic. Omari Jabari is a producer with a deep history; his production credentials on Roy Woods‘ track ‘Menace’ was a big deal for the rapper, and not just because it received a Kylie Jenner approval via Snapchat.

Omari Jabari is not a new name on the music scene in Toronto downtown. His affiliation with crews like DSTRY has often been a scope into his creative taste that has yet to bloom to its full potential. Listening to Martyr shows off Omari’s strengths as an artist. It is a well put together EP that proves his knack for ultra high-quality art. It doesn’t lack in production either, with an impressive set of producers like T-Minus (“Moment 4 Life”, “I’m On One”, “She Will”, “Make Me Proud” and more), Skipondabeat, DZL, akaRashad, Saintfall and Akeel.

His T-Minus produced track “Latency” highlights great chemistry between the two. If they can zero in on this sound alone and potentially explore a collaborative EP there is a whole genre of music just waiting to happen.

Listen to the EP below.

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