Scoop B: Mr. Papers Opens Up About Representing The Bronx, Lil Kim & “Transition”

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Mr. Papers is a guy that you should be paying attention to. Born Jeremy Neil, the Bronx, NY native by way of Honduras, Mr. Papers recently released his latest project, “Transition.”

In between the hustle and bustle and the extended Fourth of July weekend, I caught up with Mr. Papers. We discussed the burden of representation of being a Bronx lyricist, co-parenting duties with the mother of his child, Lil Kim, his newly released “Transition” and his dream of working with Jay-Z and Rihanna.


Here’s The Scoop!

Scoop B: What inspired you to become a lyricist?

Mr. Papers: Once my big bro “Gangsta” died July 1, 2006 was the first day I picked up a pen and a pad and got busy! That was my inspiration.

Scoop B: Who were your biggest influences in hip hop?

Mr. Papers: My biggest influence in hip hop would probably be Fat Joe, Jadakiss 50 cent, Jay-Z, J. Cole. I f***s with Kevin Gates heavy!

Scoop B: As a lyricist and co-parenting with Lil Kim do you want people to separate that relationship and judge you based off your talent? Why or why not?

Mr. Papers: There is nothing to separate from. I can never be separate from her. She’s the mother of my daughter, but everybody knows my pen game is no joke. For people who don’t know they’re about to find out!

Scoop B: You’re a Bronx native. Lyrically, Bronx is making serious moves with the impact of Mysonne, Remy and Fat Joe? How do you fit in that equation with Bronx lyricists?

Mr. Papers: The Bronx is definitely in the building! And yeah I think I’m going to fit right in. I’m from a place where you gotta know how to “spit”.

Scoop B: Chat with me about your latest project?

Mr. Papers: I just dropped my first project on called “Transition.” It’s available on Tidal, iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else. This is really just about my story. It had to go down before we came up! The streets is f***ing with me! Know that!

Scoop B: You have a lot of pre-recorded music that you haven’t released. About how many songs do you have in the chamber?

Mr. Papers: Man, I got about 50 songs we just did. I’m in the kitchen putting it together. I got a big surprise for everybody by the end the the month! My next single is gonna be crazy!

Scoop B: Who is one artist you’d love to work with?

Mr. Papers: Listen!! I need a Jay-Z verse! And I need Rihanna on the hook

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