Nolan the Ninja Invites Quelle Chris & Denmark Vessey for A Lesson in Modesty




At this point if you’re plugged into relevant underground rap music you understand how sure we all are going into a single from Nolan the Ninja, Quelle Chris and Denmark Vessey. Nolan, in a short amount of time, gained our trust. Chris and Vessey a while ago. It feels right to note their fearlessness and experimentation, so them three coming together is cool. And exciting for listeners. It’s safe to say that Nolan sticks to what he’s good at – lyrical, timely machine gun like bars and tipping the scale on the rather lo-fi, 90’s side. But collaborations like these show glimpses of an early passionate emcee who is barely just getting started. He’s young. Watching him mature via music should be eye opening (young artists take note).

“Modesty”, the second leak from Nolan’s forthcoming YEN lp, encourages being more like the three of them – modest. Having worked with Nolan on a few occasions we can comfortably say that his aura is indeed modest for a rather larger guy with large talent. He does carry himself humbly and is respectful. The confidence in his artistry, however, isn’t hard to find – both here and the first leak “14K“. Denmark Vessey held the production down. A humble head nodder. I’m not sure how much Vessey production you’ll find out here recently – his last Mello Music Group effort entirely prodcued by Gensu Dean (do the Whole Food lp now if you haven’t and thank us later).

Quelle Chris is his usual self – pretty care-free but actually always very in tune no matter how far in space tripping he may seem. That dude is a damn genius. And cares about the damn art – all facets. It’s beyond welcomed and cool to hear next to Nolan’s straight forward, direct darts. Score, gentlemen.

Play the single 200 times below and tell your aunts, uncles, moms and neighborhoods to do the same. Maybe you’re a notch more excited for the YEN lp now. Good. You honestly should be. The pre-order links are at the bottom of this feature if you’re into pre-ordering stuff. Peace and love.




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