Justin Bieber Hits Photographer with His Car [Watch]

Justin Bieber via Twitter

Justin Bieber may be in the process of changing his life but some aspects of fame keep trying to pull him back in.

According to published reports, as the Pop megastar was leaving church on Wednesday (Jul 26), when Biebs accidentally ran over a photographer and the whole event was captured on camera.

TMZ reports that Justin was leaving the Saban Theater, where he’d been worshipping at a City Church event and as he prepared to exit in his pickup truck, paparazzi surrounded his vehicle. Trying to evade the camera, Bieber mashed the gas to pull away, a man was hit, more specifically his foot (or ankle) was run over by a tire on Bieber’s right side.

Despite the accident creating semi panic, Justin did not flee the scene but instead stopped to help as soon as others pointed out what happened. Although Bieber stayed right by the man’s side to do the right things, paparazzi still continued to film him during the incident for roughly 8 to 10 minutes until paramedics and police arrived.

The gossip site also reports that Justin spoke to police before he was allowed to leave the scene uncited.

Check out the footage from the incident below.

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