Jaylah Sandoval On Hispanic Media: “There’s so much crossover”

iHeartMedia’s Jaylah Sandoval and RESPECT Magazine’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Photo Courtesy of Scoop Vision Media

Jaylah Sandoval is the ma’aam! The Costa Rican and Salvadoran plus size model and on-air personality at iHeartMedia wears many hats and does it well.

I first met Jaylah Sandoval when she moderated BMI’s How I Wrote That Song panel at the iconic Apollo Theatre in Harlem. That was significant because it was the first time BMI had any Latin-based music function.

The panel provided an opportunity for aspiring songwriters and composers to learn about the craft of songwriting from today’s Latin music hit makers. Featured on the panel were Latin Grammy winners Alcover & Xtassy, bachata duo Mickey Then and Joell Jaquez of 24 Horas and Latin Grammy nominee Pedro “sP” Polanco.

Sandoval has been rising and soaring ever since. Sandoval reaches folks daily in West Palm, Florida’s Mia 92.1 and Wild 95.5, as well as Miami, Florida’s  93.9 MIA and Y100.

A mother of one, Sandoval is a renaissance woman and she’s wise. In today’s day and age you kinda have to be. Sandoval can talk talk bachata, salsa and merengue dance steps, Jennifer Lopez’s crossover marketability, the state of American politics and how Miami’s DJ Khaled has changed the game in pop culture.

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Radio personality and plus-size model Jaylah Sandoval. Photo Credit: CREDIT: Nikki Gomez

On a recent episode of Scoop B Radio, Sandoval and I discussed stereotypes that Latinas face in the industry. Sandoval is a bridge between pop culture and the Latin market. One wonder if folks want to put her in a box. “Oh absolutely,” Jaylah Sandoval told me on Scoop B Radio. 

Jaylah Sandoval added:

“I think right now and especially going through, just becoming a mom has made that struggle even harder because we live in a market especially now where the Latin industry is growing so much. And there’s so much crossover that they’re like: ‘Okay we want the Hispanic girl but we don’t want you to be so Hispanic necessarily.’ And its finding kind of that happy medium but at the same time teaching them like Hispanic isn’t just Mexican, isn’t just Columbian, isn’t just Sofia Vergara or Shakira.”

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