Travis Scott Arrested for Inciting a Riot at a Concert

Rapper Travis Scott was arrested for inciting a riot after his concert in Benton, Arkansas on Saturday night, according to CBS.

While having fun and getting rowdy at concerts is expected and encouraged by performers, there is a limit that should not be surpassed for the safety of the people at the concert. Scott was arrested after he had told fans to rush the stage past the security, and was charged with endangering a minor, disorderly conduct, and inciting a riot. Several people were injured during the chaos and there is not yet a report on their conditions after being treated at the venue and local hospital. While he was sent to the Benton County Detention Center to be booked, he released shortly afterwards.

This is not the first time that Scott has faced charges for encouraging chaos. Back in 2015 he was charged with disorderly conduct after telling fans to climb over the security barricades in order to get to the stage, which had also resulted in multiple injuries. Perhaps with the repeated charges Scott will be less inclined to inspire such results in the future.

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