RESPECT. Premiere: Son Of Tony – ‘The Son and Father Tape 2’

Son Of Tony

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Buffalo’s own Son of Tony returns with the release of his long awaited project, The Son and Father Tape 2.  Some artists prefer a dope instrumental for their intros, Son of Tony clearly isn’t some artists. He’d rather a relentless lyrical barrage as your introduction to his project. On “71 Revolver” he let’s off a series of lyrical acrobatics over a building crescendo and beat drop, over and over again. He lets listeners in on the grittier side of upstate New York, what he calls “Buff-Ganistan.” It’s not all bravado, there’s a commendable vulnerability in his lyrics: “Sometimes I get talking to you and God confused/because without either one of ya’ll in my life I still lose/and that pain still cutting so deep, I still use/and that accident happened so fast you didn't have a chance to choose.”

Following emcee’s like Eminem in his word play and fearlessness to talk about his struggles, he also doesn’t shy away from tackling the issues he has with the state of mainstream hip-hop. On “Black Panther” he slyly states, “You little Uzi Verts ain’t never made an Uzi chirp or a mac burp…Who ever told you to rap that wack verse should be back smacked first.” ( I feel you Son!, lol)

The sharped edged wordsmith softens his corners (a bit) for the record “If I Really” featuring Carl Roe, where he waxes about those “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” relationships, “My demons have me twisted/while I’m praying for forgiveness, I still gotta be savage ‘bout my business/You want me to love you better/but you ain’t explaining stuff and you never say enough/Unless its ‘bout some bad stuff, mean and you mad tough/hot enough to smack stuff.”

On The Son and Father Tape 2, the upstate upstart ensures there’s enough variety and fire content to keep a varied fan base’s ear to what he’s up to next. Between his unmistakable tone to his rapid fire spitting, this project is ear candy for the truest of hip-hop fundamentalists.

Make sure you cop or stream the project now via itunes, as well as your favorite digital streaming services, and feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comments.

Son of Tony

Photo Credit: Son Of Tony

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