RESPECT. Interview: Sierra Talks LHHATL, Feelings Towards Moriah + Lovely Mimi, and More

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Being on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and allowing people into your personal life isn’t always easy. Especially for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Sierra Gates, who is the wife of ATL’s Shooter Gates and CEO of Atlanta’s THE GLAM SHOP. Read the interview below to hear her thoughts on everything that has went down on the show.

RESPECT.: Hey Sierra! How is life after the show?

Its just been a lot of pressure being in the public eye.

RESPECT.: How does it feel watching yourself on the previous episodes?

First of all, it just feels weird seeing myself on TV, especially with everything that’s been going on. It’s kind of heart breaking to see.

RESPECT.: How are you feeling now?

I am feeling much better thanks to the time that has gone by. I’m not okay, but I am not waking up everyday crying like I was.

RESPECT.: In Shooters interview her shared with me you two are working things out. Do you still live with him?

Yes, we still live together. You know we have kids together and all but I don’t feel like things will be the same.

RESPECT.: I think for anyone that has went through a similar situation as yours would get pretty heated. I know you threw one punch on the show but was it enough?

Wait until the reunion, it’s going down. Girl, I cannot wait. I really hope Moriah does something with her hair. She really needs to get it together.

RESPECT.: How far do you and Moriah go back? I know you mentioned on the show that you used to do her eyebrows when she was in high school.

I knew Moriah for a long time. I used to do her eyebrows and makeup. She was so sweet you know.

RESPECT.: It’s definitely always the sweet ones!

Girl, they’re always sneaky as hell

RESPECT.: What made you believe she was a good fit for the position as your assistant. Did anyone tell you to watch your back for her?

No, I actually didn’t know she was going to be on the show. I saw them interviewing two of my assistants. Moriah is my marketing assistant and the other one is my regular assistant. I was kind of getting a little suspicious because they were filming Moriah a lot it just got kind of fishy.

RESPECT.: I heard that’s how the process is i.e. Mimi, Stevie and Joseline’s situation. Would you ever do the show again?

I’m not sure at moment. I have mixed feelings about it.

RESPECT.: What if your story line was just based on your success and THE GLAMSHOP?

I would definitely do it.

RESPECT.: What are your feelings towards Lovely Mimi since she presented the news to you?

Like she’s a mom and a wife, It’s crazy that she was being spiteful about it.

RESPECT.: The relationship with you and Lovely Mimi started off catty. Why do you think it went down that route?

Lovely Mimi is very loud and over the top. Yes, at THE GLAMSHOP we have fun but she just does too much.

RESPECT.: In my interview with Shooter he expressed to me that there can’t be to kings in a castle. How do you feel about that

Well I am a very strong black woman, I have my own thing going on and I run my own business. I really don’t need a man to take care of me. I think he’s kind of used to dealing with women that need him and I don’t.

RESPECT.: How do you feel about shooter giving Moriah money? Did you feel disrespected watching those scenes?

I don’t think shooter gives her money. If she was get money from him her weave wouldn’t be so messed up. She should’ve invested in herself.

RESPECT.: So what is the main point you want to express at the reunion?

I really don’t care what people think or feel about me. I know people probably think I’m a bi*ch for how I treated Lovely Mimi, but at the end of the day when you work hard for everything you have people’s words aren’t going to hurt or bother you.

RESPECT.: So what’s next for you when it comes to the relationship with Moriah and just yourself in general?

My friendship with Moriah is dead. I just want to keep getting better with myself.


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