RESPECT. Interview: Shooter Talks LHHATL, Getting Right with Sierra, and More

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is one wild reality TV ride that always has us glued to our TV screens. Thankfully, Shooter linked up with RESPECT.  to give us his side of everything that has went down on the show. Read what Shooter had to say below.

RESPECT.: Hey Shooter! How are you and how is everything at home? What is your actual occupation in the industry? The show doesn’t really cover it.

Home is like a boxing ring, I am trying to work everything out and at same time I am doing a lot of work right now. I am the CEO of my own record label, I work with different artists, and I’ve been involved in the industry for about 5 years.

RESPECT.: So a lot of people want to know your relationship status these days. Do you and your wife Sierra still live together?

No, I don’t stay there. But were actually in the process of trying to get back to staying at the house together. We are doing it for the kids right now.

RESPECT.: I know there are only a few episodes left of the season. Are we going to be able to see scenes of you two trying to work it out? I noticed when you premiered on the third episode of Love & Hip Hop you didn’t seem to happy to be on the show.

I don’t know, hopefully they get that. My wife can get pretty aggressive, she be on that boss sh*t sometimes and I just be chilling. You know two kings can’t run one castle. I’ve been a boss all my life. That’s kind of what started the issues. I guess its because she has 13 employees up under her she feels like I work for her too. She doesn’t let me be a man

RESPECT.: Did you ever feel the need to escape from that? Did you guys have a lot of disagreements prior to the show?

Yea because I feel like you need to be submissive to your man. Sometimes you need to know when to lay down. Every action doesn’t deserve a reaction. No we weren’t fighting a lot. But we have been going at it for about a few years now.

RESPECT.: How do you think she’s able to keep her composure now? Have you been holding her hand through the complications?

I feel like she’s really moving on. As a man since I made that bed now I have to lie in it. I’m trying to fix it but if it doesn’t work then cool. But I am trying. We aren’t just boyfriend and girlfriend

RESPECT.: When people are on reality TV they realize a lot about themselves after. When you watch the episodes back did you feel ashamed. What was your reaction?

I don’t feel any certain kind of way because that’s me. I handled the situation the way I was supposed to handle it. Moriah definitely black mailed me.

RESPECT.: How did you feel knowing Lovely Mimi from the show told Sierra the way she did?

At that point, I was already ready for the truth to come out. I know it was going to come out regardless.

RESPECT.: Well, because you were ready for the truth to come out, I have to ask you what was the reason why you wanted to be on the show? Everyone has their own reason for being on the show so what is yours?

Where I come from, it was an opportunity. We don’t get that platform all the time. I had a different perspective when I took the opportunity. I wanted to take the negative in my situation and turn it into a positive.

RESPECT.: Were you scared of your family seeing this truth aired on television?

I feel like they should never judge someone when their sh*t isn’t perfect neither. Everybody is going through something. In this life I should only see one judge and that’s God. I know I made a mistake and I pray to God he fixes it. My family knows not to speak on my situation.

RESPECT.: How do you feel about Moriah now?

Have you ever had sex with somebody and wish you could take it back? I hate that she was disrespectful to my wife at the same time I’m trying to make it work because I wasn’t ready for my home to be broken up. At first I was paying bills then rent. That was alright.

RESPECT.: Was that a deal from the beginning? Giving Moriah money?

It was never a deal and I was never drunk. She was drunk and I was asleep. When I woke up she was laying in my lap then one thing lead to another. After I did that, that’s when she started asking about money. Then started asking for ridiculous amounts of money.

RESPECT.: Do you still talk to Moriah? Has she tried reaching out to you? And, is there any other way you wish Lovely Mimi told her?

No, on everything she is blocked. I had a feeling it would happen that way, my wife was pretty mean to her. Lovely Mimi couldn’t wait to get that information so she can put it out.

RESPECT.: Why did you suddenly give up and openly tell my Moriah to go tell Sierra? As a whole do you think being on the show was worth it? Have you learned anything from watching yourself?

I was trying to use reverse psychology but really hoping she wouldn’t tell. I couldn’t show any signs of weakness. I really do think it was worth it because at the end of the day I was ready to get the secret out. I learned to not sleep with the help!

RESPECT.: If Love & Hip Hop asked you to come back for another season would you do it?

Yes, I really do want to apologize on the show professionally.

RESPECT.: After the show what are you plans? Other than healing the relationship with Sierra?

I have a brief appearance in the new Tupac movie and I have a webisode on YouTube. I am going to still be doing the music stuff while I focus on acting.

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