RESPECT. The Tape: Ghost – ‘Nina’s Son’

Meet Ghost. Not the supernatural entity or the street lord of Showtime’s POWER, but the artist. The rap world knows him as Ghost, but personal associates call him Roderick Harris, Jr. Roderick was born in Bryan, Texas, in the dangerous community “Kurrupt City.” His vivid lyrics will haunt your thoughts, as he shares his life and experience with his music.

Despite being born to parents Nina Goosby and NFL player Rod Harris Sr, Roderick Jr. found himself in a single parent household raised by his entire family. With a younger brother born with half a lung, Roderick Jr. naturally became the protector of his siblings. When his parents did a short bid in jail, it was that moment, Roderick Jr. decided to get his family out of the hood.

Inspired by Tupac’s song, “Ghost” – Roderick took on the moniker but gave it a different meaning. Motivated by Psalm 124, Ghost stands for “God’s Human Outlaws Striving Together.” Ghost received words of encouragement from Shawty Redd and Scott Storch that kept him focused and driven. With that, he began pursuing his dream.

Now living in Miami, FL, he launched LifeArtMusic Group. The company currently manages various artists including Ghost himself. His latest mixtape, “Nina’s Son,” is now streaming everywhere. “Nina’s Son” is the first installment of the 7 for 7 series of projects to be released by Native Texas artist,┬áleading up to his “Kurrupt City” album set to arrive soon. The mixtape is a creative collection of dope songs, that truly shows the artistry behind Ghost.

This seven track project is a small glimpse of what’s to come from the southern country artist who’s Texas slang has been somewhat removed do to his travels throughout the states. Check it out at the top of the post.

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