RESPECT. Premiere: Pooh Gutta’s Vicious ‘Last Autumn’

Pooh Gutta

Photo via The Playbook Agency

A murky portrait with the details of growing up in East Cleveland, strained relationships, gunfire surfing the wind, and personal setbacks and growth.

Pooh Gutta‘s Last Autumn kicks off with an intro track holding the mixtape’s name, and combusts ferociously around the halfway point of the song; bass levels get amplified, Pooh’s cadence gets darker and much more aggressive. His lyrics and vocality go toe-to-toe with the belligerent instrumental, which is a consistent trope throughout the mixtape. Features from Doe Boy, Arod Da GodLost Tribe, and plenty other accentuate the aforementioned aggressiveness littered across the mixtape.

On the mixtape, Pooh Gutta says:

It means everything, I’ve basically been 1 of the cornerstones of Cleveland Rap for a decade and almost lost my life to incarceration. I was looking at a 65 year conviction for a case based on my lyrics and a crime I didn’t commit. Had friends turn on me, was accused of a crime I didn’t commit and lost my daughter do to a miscarriage. We’re going to name Autumn. I was cool with hustling until I dropped a record called “SuWoop” that a kid I call my “grandson” named “Lil Cray” who is sentenced to three years right now, recorded half of this project and told me to feed the streets along. Between that and support from Doe Boy, MGK and Joey Fingaz from Livemixtapes, I had to keep going. This project is dedicated to “Lil Cray” and my unborn daughter Autumn.

From “Buss It Down” to Last Autumn, Pooh’s growth and versatility as a hip-hop artist solidified his position as one of the most important figures in Cleveland hip-hop. You can keep up with Pooh on Twitter & Instagram.

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