RESPECT. Premiere: “Drinking Weed” is Tuki Carter’s Ode to Getting Bent

Tuki Carter

Enigmatic women in lab coats coasting up a set of wooden stairs. Next frame: a colorful, outlandish twirling shot of one of the aforementioned woman, with glowing tapestry in the background, and a drugged out hue livening up the imagery.

Tuki Carter‘s visual for “Drinking Weed” captures intoxication in a vivid way, a feat that he and other members of Taylor Gang do with ease and comfort. Edits of Tuki’s rapping face flash throughout the video, as shots of what seems to be a lab decorate the song. Tuki is clearly not a stranger to eerie, psychedelic edits on his visuals; RESPECT. covered his freestyle, “Get High,” early in December of 2016, where the video featured similarly intriguing alterations.

“Drinking Weed” touches upon experiences, habits, and feelings that many marijuana smokers/enthusiasts will resonate with. Tuki mentions one of his most memorable, psyched out nights in the lyrics:

Bought a bunch of sour power/shit put me on the couch/quiet as a fuckin’ mouse/got hungry as fuck/but I couldn’t get my ass up.

Flowers & Planes is set to drop on April 7th, and has been teased as being his most “cohesive project yet.” On the album, Tuki said:

Deeply personal but relatable at the same time… It’s based on weed but you don’t have to be a smoker to relate–anyone who appreciates art, dreams, and aspirations will vibe to it.

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