RESPECT. Premiere: Buddha GXD’s Visual for “Not Ready”

Buddha GXD

Buddha GXD draws on past tribulations and a passionate endeavor for fortune and emotional content as he hammers away at a πrex instrumental, claiming his listeners and the music industry alike are “Not Ready.” RESPECT. premiered this fiery track not very long ago, and Buddha’s already coming through with a hearty visual for the piece, featuring shots of New York and its grittiness, unadulterated.

Lines like “N*ggas know I was facing time but I’m back now/It’s my time now” add essence and vibrance to the sentiment pouring from Buddha’s pensive tongue. Listeners and the industry alike aren’t ready for the collected angst and fire Buddha has stored in his mind; nobody quite expects or understands what it is Buddha’s prepared to unleash on the rap game.


Standing on a rooftop, with shots flashing in and out of an apartment and sitting between his people, Buddha keeps the visual humble and organic, filled with down to earth rhymes and imagery. Shots of project buildings, barbershops, graffiti filled cars, and plenty more scenes from an urban environment. No sensationalized living, no abundance of lies- Buddha simply lets listeners, new and old, in on his psyche, his life, and his thoughts in an unapologetic, unfiltered way.

“Not Ready” is coming off of Outta Nowhere, which is due toward the end of the year. There will undeniably be more energy coming from the Harlem rapper throughout 2017. You can keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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