RESPECT. Interview: Matt Garrett Represents Ethik & Breaks Down How the Business Works

Here to shed light on a up and coming clothing line known as Ethik, is Matt Garrett  who is better known to be the “Overseer” for the brand. Ethik is ascending and for those who aren’t hip need to start paying attention; this is the type of brand that is slept on but ends up coming on top. RESPECT. linked with Matt and was able to break down the brand and the ins and outs of the industry. Check out the interview below.

RESPECT.: Where did the idea of Ethik originate from? How did you come up with the name for the brand come about?

The name “Ethik” was originated by a couple of kids who attended PACE university I actually was not on board at the company at the time, essentially the name represents strong work Ethik, persevering , never taking no for an answer, which he haven’t.

RESPECT.: With the rise of Ethik, have you guys been able to collaborate with any other brands?

We have been able to collaborate with other brands, as our name gets a bit more established we are able to tackle these collaborations, one in specific we have worked on recently was “ANIMAL BIKES” definitely the largest BMX company out to date, was super fun to work with them, we hold a strong presence in the BMX scene as well.

RESPECT.: How about artists and athletes to represent the brand?

That’s where I come into play, I handle all artist relations and PR. Most likely if you fit our style and are super supportive of the brand we tend to work with you, ultimately you reflect the brand. Our SXSW presence every year solidifies these connections.

RESPECT.: As a brand what is your goal?

Our goal is to prosper and grow however stay focused and do not step away from the vision never step away from the vision, ultimately to have longevity as a brand, you know your Stussy, Supreme, LRG. Within street wear most tend to see brands watered down towards the end of their run we are trying to stay clear of this.

RESPECT.: With all the different types of brands and clothing being released, what separates you guys from the rest and makes this product a must to cop?

I feel our style is different than most, we have a few core pieces that really stand out from the others, the culture and vibe of our brand as well makes a difference, our store events, heavy hip-hop influence really makes a difference.

RESPECT.: As for marketing strategies, which method works the best to spread the word of the Ethik brand?

Guerilla Marketing, usually events like SXSW as well as in-store events really work well, I hold a ton of in-store album releases, video releases, art galleries etc.

RESPECT.: What role do you play exactly for Ethik that makes your job such an importance to the brand?

I handle all Artist Relations and Public Relations for the brand as well as oversee events and marketing, it is a crucial position here because I essentially oversee how the brand “looks” to the public eye, picking and choosing how we should release information/visuals are extremely important.

RESPECT.: What made you guys set up shop in Toronto, Philly, Boston and New York? Are those locations the most profitable?

We decided to go the brick and mortar route, open up shop… make a name for yourself, make an imprint, which we have. We have a lot of love in Philadelphia I would say we have definitely started a nice little ripple in the pond out in the city of brotherly love. After Philly comes Toronto, great staff and an on-site recording studio from our friends over at KarmaXWave. After Toronto came Boston.

RESPECT.: What are some thoughts of change for the brand and what do you see for the future of Ethik?

Change for Ethik in my opinion is great, constant switch is needed, change is needed for a street wear brand, pushing the same garments, same material, same events gets a bit old.

RESPECT.: Talk to us about your input in the music industry?

On a side-note I am heavily involved in the industry as I run my own booking/consulting agency on the side @mgbooking, I incorporate my Ethik events with my agency and kind of piggy back off each, it’s a nice system and I have gained great relationships over the past years.

RESPECT.: Which artists are you working with?

Currently I am working with “Frank Castle” out of Staten Island, “History” from MogulClub from out in Brooklyn, “BuddhaGxD” from the East Side of Harlem , and Produce/MC “Eprosounds” from Rockland County just to name a few. I have curated meet and greets for artists such as PnB Rock, Private Club Records, Tsu Surf, Jimi Tents, The Doppelgangaz, J57 and Koncept from the Brownbag Allstars and more…

RESPECT.: How would you like to combine fashion with music?

Fashion with music go hand and hand in my opinion, we associate ourselves mostly with the hip-hop community, fashion is extremely crucial in that world, and I feel they are closely related.

RESPECT.: What does respect mean to you?

To “Respect” means to show and receive love mutually in my opinion, if you know me you know I am here for the culture, not for the bread that comes later.


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