Prometheus Unmasked! – ‘Arrow’ Recap: “Fighting Fire With Fire”

The latest episode of ‘Arrow’ finally revealed the identity of Prometheus and man is Team Arrow in for a rude awakening. Prometheus has infiltrated the team and gained the trust of each member. DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE LATEST EPISODE OF ‘ARROW’ (“Fighting Fire With Fire”)! YOU WILL RUIN THE EPIC REVEAL AND HATE YOURSELF FOR IT.




Yes, you read that right. Good ‘ole D.A. Chase. The snake in the grass that no one saw coming and whom everyone believed was Vigilante. Props to the writer’s on this epic character reveal. It will definitely go down in the books.

The question remains, who is Vigilante then and why does he have a bone to pick with Oliver? He is obviously good with tech as his visor runs facial recognition software. Is it Tommy? A former Bratva member? A member of Helix (the group that gave Felicity the Pandora files)? Or someone we haven’t even met yet?

The team was close to closing in on the Vigilante thanks to Curtis’s tech. He created some metal balls that can attack and defend against other assailants. Unfortunately he got away. Felicity also used her own weapon in this episode; the Pandora files. The files were used to dig information on Collins who was the deciding vote on determining whether or not Oliver would be impeached. Oliver tells Thea not to use the information she got on Collins from Felicity. He warns her that fighting fire with fire is bound to get her burned.

Diggle then warns Felicity about using Pandora. That it is a dangerous weapon. Felicity lost all her empathy when Billy died and is in danger of going down a dark and dangerous path. Diggle tries to warn her about the consequences of doing so but she clearly doesn’t care. Felicity meets up with Kojo once more and officially joins Helix. What trouble is she going to get herself into and just how much havoc is she going to wreak upon those within the Pandora files?

Speaking of wreaking havoc, Prometheus forced Oliver to do one of three things:

  1. Throw Adrian Chase under the bus for the cover up of Billy’s murder
  2. Get impeached from office via throwing himself under the bus
  3. Throw The Green Arrow under the bus and make him Public Enemy #1 in order to stay in office

Oliver chose the latter and blamed his alter ego for the murder of Billy Malone. Thus making his work as a vigilante that much harder. However, Prometheus’s game is just beginning. Adrian kidnaps Susan Williams, Oliver’s sort-of-still girlfriend, and tortures her.

Other happenings this episode:

  • Thea resigns from office and leaves to work on herself before she gets any worse
  • Oliver is still mayor
  • Oliver saves Anatole and brings information on Kovar to the Bratva
  • Paul hands Curtis divorce papers


Talia Al Ghul returns and tells Oliver that Prometheus is Adrian Chase

Adrian kidnaps Susan and tortures her. What is his endgame?


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