With All Due RESPECT.: 5 Songs You’ve Been Sleeping On (3/15)


Hey guys, I have a question for you. Has Hip-Hop been kind of ehh lately or is just me? It seems like after the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma scuffle that the genre has been a bit dormant. For a culture that thrives off of spunk, spontaneity , turmoil and controversy; we’ve been a bit boring. Where’s the scandal? Where’s Big Gucci Soulja at? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t forgotten about that money grab disguised as a boxing match between him and Chris Brown — who apparently is in more trouble mentally than we thought. I love you Hip-Hop, I’m just saying step it up so I don’t have to turn on VH1. With that being said, Smino dropped a classic — “Edgar Allen Poe’d Up” might be the best song title of 2017, or ever, Young Dolph decided to showcase his gangsta in the most creative way possible and a beat battle gone rogue turned producers Lex Luger and Southside into sworn enemies. That about covers the mainstream news for this week, but with SXSW kicking off this Tuesday in Texas, we should be in for a nice dose of exhilarating discussion topics in the upcoming week – I promised myself I’d use “exhilarating” in a post this week, so yes. In the meantime, check out these five slept on tracks – featuring 1207, EarthGang and more —  that are either sure to blow the top off the industry, or the socks off your feet. Maybe both, you decide. Peep below.


Milky Mel – “I Think You Know (Melik.xyz Rework)”

Arizona hasn’t been traditionally known as a hotbed for Hip-Hop talent, but by now you should be familiar with 21-year-old Tempe native Milky Mel. After releasing banger after banger last year in songs like, “Momma Told Me” and “We Got It”, Mel is is back with the infectiously catchy, “I Think You Know”. The track, which was originally released mid-2016, received the “rework” treatment from DJ Melix.xyz which catapulted the song to a complete different level. Melik does his best Dr. Frankenstein impression as he takes Mel’s creatively appealing bars such as, “All my life they callin’ a prodigy but I ain’t really done sh*t/ critics getting fond of me” and meshes it with industrial sounding synths that sound like they were picked up off the Yeezus cutting room floor. With Milky gaining notoriety as one half of the buzzing Underpressure duo, it won’t be long before the crooner/rapper helps put AZ firmly on the Hip-Hop map. Check out the track below and thank me later for turning up your Wednesday a few notches.


1207 – “You Think You’re in Love”

When it comes to groupie jams, let’s just face it. NOBODY is fu*king with Hip-Hop – call me when Rock produces anything close to “Ain’t No Fun”. It started when NWA set the tone in the late 80’s, then Snoop carried the torch damn near forever, and more recently A$AP Mob has been the home of groupie attachment. Making a strong case to be next in line in the pimpin’ HOF are San Diego crew 1207 with their contagiously compelling ode to groupie love, “You Think You’re in Love With Me.” Coming off of 1207’s criminally underrated group project, Lemotional Season, the song serves as different side of the Sand Diego natives, which are normally known for their rambunctious demeanor. If the title doesn’t say enough already before listening, 1207 member Spooks kicks off the down tempo track by humbly declaring, “She wanna know my real name, but I don’t know” before panning over to crew front man Rob $tone —  of “Chill Bill” fame — crooning the chorus. The trio, which is rounded out by Malik Burgers, utilizes the whole track to showcase their impressive versatility and vocal range, something that hasn’t been before seen from the energetic, more trap focused crew. Oh & “You think you’re in love with me, but baby I’m so god damn cashed I cannot love a thing,” is without a doubt my most quoted phrase so far of 2017, so thanks for that Rob. Check out the track below and be sure to cop Lemotional Season, which is out now.


Eileezus – “In Store” 

Sometimes, a track is so good that describing it would never do it justice. Sometimes, a song is just so honest and baring of all emotion that trying to dissect what the artist was feeling at the time of its conception just does it a huge disservice. Bay Area native Eileezus and her beautifully written joint, “In Store” are a perfect example of that. I came across the songstress last year through her scene-stealing appearance on Rossi Rock’s Agassi, and was instantly infatuated with her songwriting style as well as vocal range. On “In Store” the way she speaks about her significant other has me desirous to say the least. “Will you call me back if I miss you, no time to see me but it’s cool” and “Always around and always on the go/ if I gotta chase you, I can’t say I won’t,” are two examples of her strong pen that embody the essence of this track perfectly. That essence being a woman who is in love with an ambitious man that seems to not showcase the same for her. The only catch? She seems to be okay with it. If only women existed like this in real life and not just art. Check out the track below and be sure to give her dynamic EP, Good Feelings, which is out now.


EarthGang – “Missed Calls”

Look, I don’t need to hear it okay. I know I’m late to the bandwagon. I’m fully aware that Andre 3000 has already vowed to help with their next project and I’m also fully aware that the song I’m posting was released way back in 2015. Now here’s something you should know: I don’t give a f*ck. When I actually pressed play on this divine track from Atlanta natives EarthGang, I instantly became leader of #EarthHive — does that work? Coming in off of their amazingly underappreciated — I’m part to blame — mixtape, Strays With Rabies, “Missed Calls” is yet another ode to all artists’ notorious ability to not give a damn. “I”m so good at missing calls, bi*ch I’m perfect this year,” and “Fetish for flaws, lust for my scars/ and this broke ni*ga dick guarantee I won’t starve,” serve as two perfect examples as to why I feel like this track could STILL be a radio hit. Do me a favor and go back to your favorite tracks of 2015 and seriously ask yourself if they could fit in the scope of sound in 2017’s musical climate. I’m not saying ask yourself if they still sound good, but do they FIT. “Missed Calls” is a song that sounds like it was made yesterday which speaks volumes to the duo’s obvious potential to create timeless music. Don’t make the same mistake that I did, wake up now. Check out “Missed Calls” below and go buy Strays With Rabies, out now. Oh yeah, and did I mention 3 Stacks is on board?


Coach Tev – “Midnight Cruiser (Feat. Blake Cris & Oracle Jones)”

Last but not least, we check in with Dallas, Texas native Coach Tev and his smooth but brutally honest track, “Midnight Cruiser”. The title of the song describes it perfectly as it sounds like the ideal joint to play in your whip after leaving shortie’s crib at two in the morning. If we’re being honest, this and “My Collection” from Future should be placed in the Player’s Hall of Fame. “I push the two tone Chevy Caprice, down the street we can meet twice a week if you keep it discreet/ me no want conversation, I ain’t quiet ‘bout that/ and I ain’t sneaking through ya window, I’ll just slide through the back,” flows the self-proclaimed Heartthrob Teazy on the second verse, creating a soundtrack to discreet hook ups everywhere. After releasing dope song after dope song – see “Lefty” and “Omen” – it won’t be long before the industry takes notice of the rhymespitter. With his intriguing voice and his unconventionally tranquil cadence style, Coach Tev should be playing in speakers everywhere soon. Be early to the party, check out “Midnight Cruiser” below.

There you have it! Let us know how we did, did we get it right? Are we still sleeping on your favorite local artist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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