Chance The Rapper donates $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools

On March 6th, Chance The Rapper donated $1 million to Chicago’s public schools. He made a live video on Facebook of his press conference to bring a change to public schools. He is one of the few independent artists who wants to give back to the community. Later that evening, he announced that he will donate $10,000 to ten schools and will release the names the next day via Twitter.

In a year span, Chance is the only rapper that has set an example for independent hip-hop artists. He released his album, Coloring Book, in 2016 on all music platforms, was nominated for 3 Grammys in 2017, and brought a change for the community. He has kept his word and proving to people that you can do anything to you put your mind to. Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Chance has made an example to hip-hop artists that you don’t need to be in the music industry to put yourself out there or make money.

He has provided links to where you can donate any amount of money either one-time or monthly to public schools in Chicago at


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