RESPECT. Premiere: Otis Clapp is Turning “Demons Into Diamonds”

Otis Clapp

The instrumentation being extremely reminiscent of a 70s exploitation film, or an underground, sequestered jazz and funk club only the most involved in the subculture would know, Otis Clapp comes through with a very vintage sonic that captures the vibe he’s sending for above two and a half minutes of track time. The hard hitting lyrics mirror the grunge of the era he’s drawing influence from. “Demons into Diamonds” draws influence, clearly, from the common struggle of turning your shortcomings into positive spheres of influence- something Clapp makes look effortless here.

Everybody’s come from something, and the standoff-ish instrumental is reminiscent of those spaghetti westerns where the protagonist and evil villain duel over sunset. This time around it’s a conscious tackling its past self, and the tribulations which made this conscious into what it is today. Clapp provides his listeners with absolute transparency and coolness as he breezes over the short track.

On “Demons into Diamonds,” Clapp said:

“When I wrote this, I hadn’t put out music in a while, so I was approaching this as my “welcome back party.” Demons into Diamonds is about turning my negatives into positives; turning shortcomings into advantages; conquering the things that used to hold me back. In reality, it was, and still is, all mental. It’s also a testament to my growth as a man while paying homage to the hardships from which I came.”

“Demons into Diamonds” is coming off the Hellen Keller EP due sometime soon. You can follow Otis Clapp on Twitter and Instagram. And if you’re interested in catching Otis live, he’ll be performing in NYC on Feb. 28th. You can purchase tickets here!
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