RESPECT. Interview with Lady Luck from ‘First Family of Hip Hop’

lady luck first family of hip hop

We continue our interviews with the cast from Bravo‘s First Family of Hip Hop, with answers from Lady Luck.

We asked about her family’s history and if she will be looking back at that or if she will decide to look more to the present and the future in her endeavors during the show. She answered that “Without knowing history it’s bound to repeat itself. On the same token you must focus on what’s to come and not what’s happened. I think finding the right balance is key, know where you’re going but never forget where you came from.”

In addition to asking about the history of the family, we also asked about outside influences that may affect how she thinks the family business should be run. She said that, “I admire the juggernauts of the game. Jay Z, Diddy, Russell, anyone that has become uber successful and continue to be trendsetters in the game,” but didn’t say if she would emulate them if she were running things herself.

When we asked what the most difficult part of filming the series was, Lady Luck replied that, “Having the cameras there as we actually went through real emotions. These things were actually going on at this time”. We followed up with a question about how filming the series may have changed her future plans or strengthened her convictions. She would only say that, “A lot has changed during the course of the show. You just have to stay tuned.”

Our next question was what the effect she thought that the series would give the label. Her answer was that, “I’m excited the show will showcase my talent”. In addition, we asked if there was any time during the filming of the series that she maybe wished didn’t make it on the screen. She replied with an emphatic, “Hell yea!! Like majority of the season!” Our final question for Lady Luck was if the series turned out to be a bonding experience or something that ended up testing her patience. She said, “I’d go with the latter lol.”

Check in with us again for more interviews with the cast of First Family of Hip Hop. You can catch up on the episodes on Bravo.

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