These Little Divas Dress Up as Henson, Spencer & Monae of ‘Hidden Figures’

Hidden Figures

From Left: Ambrielle-Baker Rogers, Morgan Coleman and Miah Bell-Olson dressed as Dorothy Vaughn, Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson, the women whom helped NASA send astronaut John Glenn into space and sparked the movie “Hidden Figures”

When Terrance Sims asked Ambrielle-Baker Rogers, Morgan Coleman and Miah Bell-Olson to participate in a Black History Month project at Milwaukee College Prep, I’m sure he had no idea that one of the projects would go viral. Per Jerrica Rogers, mother of Ambrielle Baker-Rogers– who spoke with The Huffington Post —Sims wanted to create a series of posters that positively affirmed the excellence of his students as well as shine light on the beauty of African-American culture in preparation for Black History Month and by looking at the re-created poster above, I would say the mission was definitely accomplished.

The three beauties, who received help from their moms to dress up as the iconic figures, had their photo taken and added to the Hidden Figures poster that features Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer. Rogers thought the picture was so astounding she shared it to her Facebook page and it went viral sparking the attention of Henson, Monae and Spencer. All three women commented on the photo:

Taraji P. Henson:

Hidden Figure Little Girls1

Janelle Monae:

Hidden Figure Little Girls

Spencer retweeted the post on her Twitter page:


The girls enjoyed dressing up for the project as well as seeing the movie Hidden Figures so much so they saw it twice! Talk about getting into character. Hidden Figures is now playing nationwide at a theater near you.


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